Resuscitator/Ventilator Accessories

The CAREvent® ventilator/resuscitator accessories range have been designed for use with our Automatic Transport Ventilators and resuscitators. These high quality/high performance components are an essential adjunct to our resuscitation and ventilation products. Because of their high quality, our Transport Ventilator Circuits can be utilized on ventilators from other manufacturers however we do not recommend the use of other manufacturer’s products on our ventilators and resuscitators.


  • Manufactured from the finest materials
  • Durable
  • High performance
  • High quality

Part Number and Product Description

01CV8001-cs CAREvent® BLS Single Use Patient Valve c/w Universal Facemask – case/25
01CV8005-cs CAREvent® ALS Single Use Patient Valve with PEEP port, Universal Facemask – case/25
01CV8010-cs CAREvent® Single Use Transport Ventilator Circuit– case/10
01CV8015-cs CAREvent® Single Use Deluxe Transport Ventilator Circuit with PEEP port– case/10
01CV8025 CAREvent® Deluxe Reusable Transport Ventilator Circuit with PEEP port
01CV8050 Gurney Clip (allows handheld resuscitators to be attached to the stretcher rail)
17MP7010 Disposable PEEP Valve case/10
17MP7327-cs Air Intake filter for ATVs case/10
01CV7025 CAREvent® MRI Mounting Plate Base
01FG6500 Mask Retaining Insert
01FG6501 Mask Retaining Insert Extraction tool
01FG6502 Head Harness System
01FG6520 SCBA Resuscitator Belt Pouch
01CV7030 Ventilator Ambulance mounting bracket


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