Manual Ventilation

PEEP Valve and Diverter

PEEP Valve Diverters for any Bag-Valve-Mask Version!

EMS providers are provided with a number of choices when it comes to the Bag-Valve-Mask Resuscitator that they choose. The materials range from Single-use PVC to Autoclavable Silicone.

O-Two Medical Technologies responds to this challenge by providing our PEEP Valve Diverters in two versions to suit the requirements of the Bag-Valve-Mask Resuscitator that you have on hand.

In addition, O-Two Medical Technologies provides a Disposable Adjustable 5– 20 cm H2O PEEP Valve to fit your choice of Diverter.

Part Number and Product Description

10-55330-Cs Single-use Disposable Adjustable (5 – 20 cm H2O) PEEP Valve (Case/10)
17MP7020-Cs Disposable PEEP Diverter
17MP7110 Cold Chemical Sterilizable PEEP Diverter



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