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A Christmas Resuscitation

A Christmas Resuscitation

T’was the night before Christmas and all through the hall,
The medics were eating and having a ball.
When out of the office there came the chief,
His eyes they were glazed, his face stricken with grief.

“It seems that old Santa’s had a heart attack,
I think that the cause was the weight of his sack”
The doors were flung open, the engine was started,
With lights flashing and sirens the ambulance departed.

Oh “what will we do”? One medic he cried
“It sounds like an arrest and no matter how we’ve tried.
We know our success rate for ROSC is quite low.
But try we must” and so on they did go.

They sped through the streets taking corners too fast,
They didn’t know how long poor Santa would last.
They got to his house and then saw his plight,
For Santa lay dead there t’was a terrible sight.

Try as they may with chest compressions and defibrillation,
They had no success in returning circulation.
Then one medic he said “poor Santa won’t last.
Get out the SMART BAG we’re ventilating too fast”!

And in a flash the SMART BAG was applied.
No Hyperventilation, just perfect chest rise.
Doing 30 to 2 and with good oxygenation,
They soon got a pulse, t’was Santa’s salvation!

They both cried with joy for Christmas was saved.
Santa mounted his sled and with a wave,
He turned to the crew and without hesitation
Said “I know what saved me”, t’was Controlled Ventilation!

A Merry Christmas To All And To All A Good Night!

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