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December 7, 2021,
Brampton, Ontario

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) gives emergency responders tips for taking care of themselves:

It recommends to limit working hours to no longer than 12-hour shifts, try to work in teams, and talk to family, friends, and teammates about feelings and experiences.

Healthcare providers work under stress witnessing human suffering and risking their lives on a regular basis along with intense workloads, life-and-death decisions, and separation from family specially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is important to identify emotional and mental health issues like burnout and secondary traumatic stress. Coping techniques like taking breaks, eating healthy foods, exercising, and using the buddy system can help prevent and reduce emotional distress.

Alba Marin, MD | O-Two Clinical Specialist

November 5, 2021,
Brampton, Ontario

Mechanical ventilators offer a safe alternative to manual ventilation with controlled Vt and RR.

Even though bag-valve-mask (BVM) system is one of the most common devices used to provide ventilation during transports, manual ventilation or BVM resuscitation (with conventional devices) has shown that:

  • It is complicated since it requires some level of expertise and is not recommended to be performed by a single provider.
  • It has variable outcomes depending on the rescuer performance.
  • It may cause adverse clinical consequences due to hyperventilation or hypoventilation.
  • It makes it difficult to reach the standards in terms of tidal volume (Vt) and respiratory rate (RR).
  • It may expose patients to overpressure and overinflation.
  • It does not allow adequate patients’ monitoring.

O-Two Medical Technologies Inc. has overcome the challenges of manual ventilation with the SMART Bag® MO Bag-Valve-Mask Resuscitator; however, this BVM controls flow assisting the rescuer to deliver proper RR and Vt. It does not eliminate the variability on the squeeze method given by the operator specially under hectic environments and difficult clinical conditions that affect ventilation parameters inadvertently.

In consequence, mechanical ventilation with portable devices have become the preferred method for transporting patients in prehospital environments. Mechanical ventilators offer a safe alternative to manual ventilation and allow healthcare professionals to deliver consistent care and controlled Vt and RR.

e-Series automatic transport ventilators offered by O-Two Medical Technologies Inc. provide controlled ventilation for resuscitation and patient transport. These ventilators ensure standardization of ventilation and adherence to international guidelines as they count with all necessary and desirable features for prehospital positive-pressure treatment.

Alba Marin, MD | O-Two Clinical Specialist

November 1, 2021,
Brampton, Ontario

Acute respiratory failure is a common life-threatening medical emergency. Non-invasive positive pressure ventilation provides respiratory support through a tight-fitting mask usually applied around the patient’s mouth and nose. It is used in the emergency department (ED), but it is more effective if the ventilatory support is initiated by emergency medical services during transport. For more than two decades, prehospital continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) ventilation has been evaluated around the world, these trials were small and the findings were not consistent. However, in recent years, large controlled randomized trials have shown that the use of CPAP, by appropriately trained EMS, is effective in reducing respiratory symptoms in patients with acute respiratory distress. In general, studies showed that prehospital CPAP is a cost-effective coadjutant treatment that improves physiologic parameters, and reduces endotracheal intubation and mortality rates. Implementing CPAP as a prehospital support requires additional training and equipment for paramedics, but patients’ clinical outcomes outweigh training costs, by reducing significantly hospital admissions and shortening times in the ED.

In-hospital acute pulmonary edema

Acute cardiogenic pulmonary edema is a common cause of respiratory distress in patients presenting to the emergency department (ED). Patients with less severe symptoms of acute heart failure may respond to conventional treatment with oxygen, diuretics, and vasodilators1,2. However, patients with severe respiratory compromise may require endotracheal intubation and mechanical ventilation. Invasive ventilatory support has been associated with significant morbidity, such as nosocomial pneumonia, increased need for sedation, and thus the longer duration of ventilation1,3.

Since 1998, there have been several studies comparing noninvasive positive pressure ventilation (NIPPV) in addition to standard medical therapy versus standard medical therapy alone in an attempt to clarify the role of noninvasive ventilation in cardiogenic pulmonary edema. These trials suggested a decreased rate of intubation with NIPPV compared with standard medical therapy only1,2.

It can be estimated that early application of noninvasive ventilation in the ED can decrease the relative risk of mortality by 39% and the necessity of endotracheal intubation by 57%4. Collings et al. suggest that noninvasive ventilation with standard medical therapy is advantageous over standard medical therapy alone in ED patients with acute cardiogenic pulmonary edema1.

NIPPV should be the first option for ventilatory support for patients with either a severe exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or cardiogenic pulmonary edema in ED5. In-hospital noninvasive ventilation such as continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) safely provides earlier improvement and resolution of dyspnea, respiratory distress, and metabolic abnormalities than does standard oxygen therapy1,3,6. Therefore, CPAP should be considered as adjunctive therapy in patients with acute cardiogenic pulmonary edema who have severe respiratory distress or whose condition does not improve with pharmacologic therapy3,6.

Acute pulmonary edema in prehospital settings

Complaints of respiratory distress place a significant burden on already strained health care systems. Recent estimates place the annual cost of hospitalizations due to acute decompensated heart failure2 and exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in excess of $18 and $20 billion, respectively. Intensive care unit admission is the basis of the majority of these costs. Within emergency medical services (EMS) systems, complaints of respiratory distress account for 13% of total EMS response calls7.

In the United States, approximately 1 million patients per year are treated by paramedics for acute congestive heart failure. The associated morbidity and mortality are significant, as is the overall cost on the health care system8,9. The most optimal prehospital management protocol of these patients remains a work in progress; historically, EMS would center the acute pulmonary edema treatment on the use of oxygen, nitrates, diuretics, and morphine.
Nevertheless, patients with severe symptoms whose respiratory efforts are failing are in need of some degree of immediate ventilatory support9. The aim of prehospital care is to stabilize patients as quickly as possible without endangering them through the measures performed in this context. Patients with acute pulmonary edema usually receive positive-pressure ventilation by bag-valve-masks or tracheal intubation in the out-of-hospital setting before their arrival at the ED10. Out-of-hospital intubation attempts in non–cardiac arrest patients are less successful and have higher rates of serious complications such as aspiration of gastric contents, hypoxia, failed intubation, hypotension, or circulatory arrest9,10, than those performed in the ED. For EMS it is therefore particularly important to have strategies for circumventing these risks, if possible. In addition, patients arriving at the ED already intubated may be more likely to remain so, thus exposing them to the risk of hospital-acquired pneumonia while being mechanically ventilated in the ICU, potentially doubling their mortality risk10.

Prehospital CPAP in acute pulmonary edema

In 2001, Kosowsky et al.6 described initial experiences with the prehospital use of CPAP for patients with respiratory failure and presumed pulmonary edema. The authors reported a preliminary case series and explained that although the decision to use CPAP is dependent on a variety of factors, the presumption is that the earlier therapy is instituted, the greater the likelihood of averting endotracheal intubation. Early NIPPV before arrival at the ED does improve acute symptoms in patients with acute cardiogenic pulmonary edema predominantly in regard to decreases in patient-reported dyspnea and improvements in vital signs11,12.

Years later, in 2006, Hubble et al.13 found substantial differences in outcomes when comparing CPAP and conventional therapy in the management of prehospital acute pulmonary edema. Patients treated with CPAP had reduced mortality and a lower rate of endotracheal intubation2,8,9,12-14,16-18. Furthermore, when compared with patients treated only with standard medical therapy, CPAP patients showed a greater degree of improvement in most physiologic variables, including dyspnea score7,11,13,20. With the use of CPAP, patients improved more quickly and allowed less admissions and shorter times in the ED22. Also, prehospital CPAP appears to be a cost-effective treatment; the cost per additional life saved is minimal, while the cost savings realized through reducing the need for intubation and mechanical ventilation are substantial21.

A decade after, Brusasco et al.23 showed that NIPPV reduces the need for endotracheal intubation, the occurrence of nosocomial infections, and both morbidity and mortality associated with respiratory failure. The benefits of NIPPV are greater if started early, thus constituting the rationale for the increasing use of NIPPV in prehospital and emergency department settings. Moreover, immediate use of CPAP in out-of-hospital treatment of acute pulmonary edema and until the condition resolves after admission significantly improves early outcome compared with medical treatment alone7,16,24. Modern systems for delivering CPAP are compact, affordable and simple to operate, making the prehospital use of CPAP conceivable6,11,25.

For patients with acute respiratory failure and presumed pulmonary edema, the prehospital use of CPAP is feasible, beneficial, and may avert the need for invasive ventilation1,6,9,13,22. Most prehospital CPAP are oxygen-driven and deliver a variable concentration of supplemental inspired oxygen titrated upon patient’s SpO2. With concerns about the use of high oxygen concentration and detrimental effects of hyperoxygenation, Bledsoe et al.11 studied the effect of prehospital low-fractional oxygen delivery CPAP. The authors concluded that low-fractional oxygen is highly effective, it improves patients’ symptoms, respiratory rate and SpO26,8. It is important to highlight that current disposable CPAP open-systems use low flow and access to ambient air to achieve oxygen concentrations lower than 100%, as an example 54% at 10 cmH2O, as the O-Two Single Use CPAP26.

Even though results may vary depending on the healthcare context, EMS team and specific regional protocols27-29, paramedics can be trained to use CPAP for patients in severe respiratory failure9. There is an absolute reduction in tracheal intubation rate of 30%25 and an absolute reduction in mortality of 21% in appropriately selected out-of-hospital patients who receive CPAP instead of usual medical care9.

Emergency medical services systems should consider making CPAP available as part of the treatment for out-of-hospital severe respiratory distress patients9. The effectiveness of a basic affordable device on a respiratory disorder and its associated outcomes makes the use of prehospital CPAP plausible and beneficial25. All paramedic/EMS should receive appropriate training20, and several studies found no significant difference in the compliant use of prehospital CPAP between paramedics trained to primary care paramedic (PCP) level and those trained to the advanced care paramedic level20,30, these results suggest that CPAP use by PCP-level paramedics may be feasible and safe20.
In 2021, Finn et al.31 conducted a large prehospital randomized controlled trial which showed that the use of CPAP by EMS paramedics was more effective than usual care in reducing dyspnea and tachypnea in patients with acute respiratory distress, with no increased risk of adverse outcomes. The authors concluded that CPAP is a safe and effective prehospital intervention for symptom management in patients with acute respiratory distress. They recommend CPAP to be included as an option for managing dyspnea in selected patients in the clinical practice guidelines of EMS.

In conclusion, implementing prehospital CPAP support ventilation in patients suffering from acute pulmonary edema will improve their clinical condition more quickly, reduce hospital admissions and shorter times in the ED. Most of the studies point towards an absolute reduction of endotracheal intubation and mortality rates as well.


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Alba Marin, MD | O-Two Clinical Specialist

April 1, 2020,
Brampton, Ontario

O-Two Medical has partnered with the Province of Ontario to manufacture 10,000 ventilators to equip doctors fighting the COVID-19 crisis. With the support of Canada’s largest automotive suppliers, we will make sure that this important life-saving equipment gets into the hands of the healthcare professionals who need it now.

The entire team at O-Two is dedicated to fulfilling this historic
undertaking around the clock. Mitigating the risk of contamination is paramount
to achieving this goal. As such will not be doing media interviews at this
time. We sincerely hope you understand, we are all in this together.

All inquiries should be forwarded to

About O-Two Medical

Since 1971 O-Two Medical Technologies has produced state-of-the-art products for the provision of Emergency Respiratory Care and Inhalation Analgesia.

Exporting to over 60 countries and possessing more
than 40 patents worldwide, we offer solutions in Automatic and Manual
Ventilation, Inhalation Analgesia and Oxygen Administration. Our manufacturing
and research-and-development facilities are registered to the ISO 13485 Quality
system (MDSAP) as well as Health Canada (HC), European (CE) and US (FDA)
medical device requirements.


Nitrous oxide/Oxygen N2O/O2) is a medical gas mixture that is both a sedative and an analgesic. In the pre-hospital emergency field, the gas mixture is widely used around the world by ambulances services. The gas primarily delivered in these markets in a pre-mixed, 50%/50% N2O/O2 mixture. Its efficacy and safety are well documented. Because the route of administration is by patient-controlled inhalation, the gas mixture is ideal for short duration patient rescues and transports. Read more

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In this article, we will review the various types of automatic ventilators but limit the discussion to those suitable for pre-hospital use (automatic transport ventilators or ATVs).

The adoption of ATVs has been slower in North America than most other markets worldwide. This seems quite odd when a lead in technology is taken in other areas to improve patient outcomes and/or assist rescuers. We look to automate defibrillation, pulse checking and recently compressions but when it comes to the most essential chain of survival link (breathing) many EMS departments tender for the cheapest “bag”. It is also not uncommon for services that have invested in automatic ventilators/resuscitators to leave the choice of their use up to the scene personnel (automatic ventilator or bag-valve-mask) despite the documented difficulties of delivering proper ventilation with a bag-valve-mask. Can you imagine giving EMS personnel the option of chest pounding versus an AED? Read more

Christmas and New Year opening hours 2019:

December 25th and 26th – Closed

January 1st – Closed.

All other days over the festive season we will be open from 8 am to 4 pm EST.

May we take this opportunity to wish all our customers, clinicians, and distributors all the best of the season and a happy, healthy and prosperous 2020

O-Two Medical will be part of the Medica Trade Fair 2019. Find us at  Hall 11 / C75. The event is taking place in Düsseldorf, Germany from November 18th to 21st.

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O-Two Medical is present at EMS World Expo 2019, hosted in partnership with the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT). Helton Santos and Cheryl Wise are representing the company at the event, that takes place in New Orleans, from October 14th to 18th, 2019. Visit us at Booth 1237.

O-Two Medical is present at OAPC 2019 Fall Education Summit and Annual General Meeting, organized by ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF PARAMEDIC CHIEFS. Helton Santos is representing the company at the event, that takes place at Caesars Windsor – Windsor, Ontario, from September 24th to 26th, 2018.

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island | June 12 – 14, 2019

Our Anita Bekavac and Paul Kahale will be exhibiting at the Paramedic Chiefs Conference next week at the Delta Hotel Prince Edward in Charlottetown. They will be at booth # 33 so do drop by to see the latest in resuscitation and ventilation products.


The use of a Breathing System Filter or BSF (commonly available in all hospitals) placed
between the facemask or bite block, and the Equinox® II Demand Valve, removes the need
to disassemble and disinfect the patient valve and diaphragm. Any pathogens present in the
expired air are removed by the filter eliminating the risk of cross infection. Read more

Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) defined as, “excessive blood or fluid in the lungs or body tissues caused by the failure of ventricles to pump blood effectively”. The condition is termed congestive because the fluids congest, or clog the organs. It is termed heart failure because the congestion both results from and also aggravates failure of the heart to function properly. Read more


The magazine published a report about “The Perils of Peri-Intubation Hypoxia” and the issues surrounding bad airway management. The use of a BVM such as our SMART BAG® MO plays an important role to diminish negative outcomes. You can read the full article clicking on the link below.

Click here to read the full article.

Physiologically, pediatric patients have three significant differences from adults (at least when it comes to airway management); these differences should be the fundamental guides for your care:

First – Pediatric patients haven’t had a lifetime of french-fries, bacon, and deep-fried Snickers® to give them coronary artery disease. Instead, hypoxia is their main life threat.

Second – Their metabolism burns oxygen much faster than yours; ever try to keep up with a two year old?

Third – Kids are little vagal monsters. Almost anything will trigger their vagal tone.

Read more

The EMS State of the Sciences Conference (dubbed by media as “A Gathering of Eagles”) has become one of the most progressive and important EMS conferences worldwide. The faculty, derived from the U.S. Metropolitan Municipalities EMS Medical Directors Consortium, the “Eagles” are the EMS Medical Directors of the top 35 to 40 U.S. cities’ ambulance services. In addition, chief medical officers for services like the FBI, U.S. Secret Service and the White House Medical Unit. Several Medical directors from places as far afield as such as London (UK) and Sydney (Australia) are also members of this illustrious group. Read more


Heat and moisture exchange is one of the most important functions of the respiratory system. The nose is responsible for warming inspired air, increasing its humidity carrying capacity.  After endotracheal intubation, however, the upper airway is circumvented and the respiratory system loses its capacity to heat and moisten inhaled gas. This imposes a burden on the lower respiratory tract, which is not designed for the humidification process. Consequently, delivery of partially cold and dry medical gases brings about potential damage to the respiratory epithelium, manifested by increased work of breathing, atelectasis, thick and dehydrated secretions, and cough and/or bronchospasm. Read more

The problem of Inadvertent Hyperventilation during CPR (caused when bag-valve-masks are squeezed too hard and/or too fast in an unprotected airway) is a significant problem that can lead to serious consequences for the patient.  In Part I of this series on Inadvertent Hyperventilation – Resolving the Problem with Technology, we reviewed the SMART BAG® MO that addresses the hyperventilation issue by controlling the flow from the balloon based on how the rescuer squeezes it. We will now take a look at a second technical resolution for EMS Personnel – Automatic Transport Ventilators or ATVs.  Read more

Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a joyful holiday season. From our O-Two family to yours.

A recent article in company news reviewed the causes and effects of “Inadvertent Hyperventilation” during CPR when bag-valve-masks (BVM) are squeezed too hard and/or too fast (Check post clicking here). While improved or increased frequency of training is important, there are technological solutions that provide both patient and rescuer benefits. Read more


The current push for the adoption of compression only or cardio-cerebral resuscitation (CCR) for lay person rescuers has gained some momentum in the market. The American Heart Association (AHA) has made clear statements about the use of CCR by those who are unwilling or unable to provide mouth to mouth ventilations1  Read more


There has been much debate over the concept of compression only CPR (CCPR) for out of hospital (OOH) cardiac arrest. CCPR is simple, easier to teach and more laypersons may be willing to undertake CCPR than the current compression/ventilation CPR (CVCPR). It has been often stated that the risk of cross infection from mouth-to-mouth (MTM) ventilation is the primary reason for lay persons not being willing to do CPR. However, in a 2006 study by Swor et al¹, fear of doing harm was the primary reason given with only 1% stating that MTM ventilation was their concern.

Read more

For many years aggressive hyperventilation of the patient suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) has been standard practice around the world. The original concept behind the use of this technique was to reduce intracranial pressure. However, there have been no studies to show that the patient’s neurological outcome is improved by this practice. A report by the American College of Neurosurgeons (based on research of all applicable literature from the last 25 years) now casts severe doubt on the routine use of this technique in patients suffering from TBI. Read more

In this article we’re going to talk about opening the airway using simple manipulation. Our techniques are based on some myths that are propagated to this day; a better understanding of airway anatomy and what really happens in the unconscious patient will make you better able to manage the airway. I’ll preface this by saying that my discussion is specific to adult patients because, frankly, the study I’ll describe hasn’t been done in children. We’ll discuss differences in adult and pediatric airways later.

Read more

It is widely believed that the phrase “Physician, first do no harm” comes from the Hippocratic Oath taken by physicians when they enter medical practice. While the oath (when translated from the original Greek) does not contain this exact phrase, it does state:

“I will prescribe regimens for the good of my patients according to my ability and my judgment and never do harm to anyone”.

Read more

Patients in respiratory distress or those suffering from impaired lung function due to conditions such as Congestive Heart Failure, Pulmonary Edema, COPD, Asthma or Cystic Fibrosis may require support of their inspiratory efforts with a mechanical device.
Read more

O-Two Medical will be part of Medica Trade Fair 2018. Anita Bekavac, Anis Abdalla and Helton Santos will represent the company at  Hall 11 / C75. The event is taking place in Düsseldorf, Germany from November 12th to 15th .


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A hand-held automatic ventilator is a device designed to provide physiologically normal positive pressure ventilation to the non-breathing patient. They are compact, with all controls located in the handpiece. This allows for the adjustment of ventilation parameters without the need for the rescuer to remove their hands from the facemask, thereby maintaining a secure mask to face seal.  Read more

O-Two Medical is currently present at EMS World Expo 2018. Richard Lauber, Cheryl Wise and Helton Santos are representing the company at Vendor Booth 1513. The event is taking place in Nashville – TN.

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The most commonly used method of ventilation during cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest or trauma is the bagvalve-mask (BVM) manual resuscitator. There have however, been numerous studies published that show the inconsistent ventilation properties and poor skill levels of the majority of users using these devices1-4. Read more

Recent research has brought into question pre-hospital emergency intubation and ALS care in general. Discussing the research and theorizing the “whys” of the results should help all EMS providers to create the best possible environment of care. Read more


There is much debate over the concept of compression-only CPR (CCPR) for out of hospital (OOH) cardiac arrest. CCPR is simple, easier to teach and more laypersons may be willing to undertake CCPR than the current compression/ventilation CPR (CVCPR). It has been often stated that the risk of cross infection from mouth-to-mouth (MTM) ventilation is the primary reason for lay persons not being willing to do CPR. However, in a 2006 study by Swor et al 1, fear of doing harm was the primary reason given with only 1% stating that MTM ventilation was their concern. Read more


The SMART BAG® MO flow controlling manual resuscitator is supplied in only two sizes – Adult and Pediatric. This device is not supplied in the “neonatal” size common in the market place for manual resuscitators. Read more

In an emergency it has been shown that rescuers, because of the stress of an incident, do not maintain constant visualization of the ventilation process and is therefore of little value in ensuring controlled ventilation.  Read more

When the decision to use an automatic ventilator to provide better patient outcomes (and make rescuers’ jobs easier) is made, the next step is deciding what type of ventilator should be acquired. Like any important purchase, it is essential to understand the applications for the product and by whom. The needs of an EMS first responder will be different from a Respiratory Therapist in Critical Care. There may also be a compromise on the optimal solution based on a budget so it is important to know what the essential features are versus “desirable”.

Read more


Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) has become a standard treatment for congestive heart failure (CHF) and a number of other respiratory distress situations and has significantly reduced the need for endotracheal intubation (ETI) in these patient groups. Read more

The Problem

Toxic environment rescue and resuscitation is both an important an emotive subject. The death of an otherwise healthy individual in an industrial accident due to the inhalation of a toxic gas, or from anoxia due to an oxygen depleted environment, is unacceptable in today’s health and safety conscious society. No worker should enter an area that has the potential to be Immediately Dangerous to life or Health (IDLH) without the proper protective equipment and monitoring of the space. But what of the environment that is tested and found to be “clean”? There may still be pockets of toxic gas lurking in corners, or striated in the atmosphere waiting for the unsuspecting worker to disturb the gas and take a breath!

Read more

Despite intensive efforts to improve cardiac arrest survival over the last 3 decades, survival rates have seen little change. The unadjusted rates of survival to hospital discharge only increased from 5.7% in 2005/2006 to 9.8% in 20121. This is despite an exponential growth in the treatments and devices used to aid the rescuers in their resuscitative attempts.

Read more

Inadvertent Hyperventilation (IH) (which is the delivery of an excessive minute volume), during CPR or respiratory arrest, has been shown to be very common and to have severe detrimental effects on patient hemodynamics [1] as well as the associated risks of gastric insufflation and
pulmonary aspiration of stomach contents. In traumatic brain injury IH also contributes to increased brain ischemia [2].

Read more

The key to the function and gas saving feature of the O-Two Single Use Open CPAP
System is the simplicity of its operating principle.

While other devices utilize complex turbulent flow to generate what has been termed
a “virtual valve” and create PEEP. We utilize the very simple “head out of the car window”
principle to create CPAP!

Read more

While the use of Mechanical Chest Compression Devices do not provide any benefit versus manual compressions their use in certain circumstances may be a reasonable alternative to conventional CPR1. Because these devices deliver constant chest compressions their use in conjunction with ventilations an advanced airway is necessary.

Read more

Since the late 1950’s, the Bag-Valve-Mask resuscitator, (originally developed by AMBU in Denmark), has been the mainstay of the healthcare provider for emergency ventilation of the patient in respiratory and/or cardiac arrest. These self-inflating balloons (a development from the anesthesia machine “black breathing bag”) have proliferated into an industry estimated to be worth some 60 million dollars in the U.S. alone. But what of the effectiveness of these devices?

Read more

O-Two Medical will be present at OAPC 2018, organized by ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF PARAMEDIC CHIEFS. Anita Bekavac will be representing the company at Vendor Booth 58. The event will take place at the London Convention Center – London, Ontario, from September 18th to 20th, 2018.

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The Lithium Ion battery used in the e700 portable transport ventilator provides an exceptionally long operating time.

When compared to the two main competitive portable transport ventilators of its type in the market, the e700 transport ventilator operates 2.5 times longer on a single battery charge.

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In this day and age we sometimes forget that convenience often comes at a cost. One such area of convenience v cost is in the area of disposable/single use CPAP devices packaged with nebulizers and even ETCO2 cannulas.

With a generally accepted average of only 28% of patients treated with disposable/single use CPAP receiving nebulized medications, either of these additional items may well be routinely discarded….at a significant cost.

Download Whitepaper

On the 13th – 15th June in Edmonton – Alberta, Anita Bekavac is representing O-Two Medical at Paramedic Chiefs of Canada Leadership Summit 2018. The program can be checked here.

The Senior Communications Advisor Alberta Health Services, Francis Silvaggio and the labour and employment lawyer Mark Mason are going to participate in the event at The Westin Edmonton.

For more information, visit Paramedic Chiefs.


Anita Bekavac will be representing O-Two Medical at SEMSA in Mouse Jaw on the 7th – 8th May. Come by the booth ans see our transport ventilators, single use CPAP device and SMART BAG manual resuscitator.

Our Anita Bekavac will be attending this meeting next week working with our distributor Levitt Safety. Do drop by the Levitt booth to see the O-Two products on offer including our personal CPR protective devices, oxygen regualtors, pulse oximeters and the revolutionary SMART BAG.

Cheryl Wise from O-Two will be working with our friends at Moore Medical at the Michigan EMS Conference , MacKinac Island, Michigan.

Drop by to see the latest from the “Controlled Ventilation” specialists.

The Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs will take place at the International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario from 4th to the 6th May. Our very own Anita Bekavac will be joining Levitt Safety on their  Booth to demonstrate our range of emergency respiratory care products.



Missouri Ice Spring Break EMS Conference,  Holiday Inn Executive Center, Columbia, Mo  March 26 – 30, 2018

Cheryl will attending the Vendor Fair at this conference on  March 27th and 28th and will be showing our eVents, CPAP and SMART BAG at the Henry Schein booth.  Everyone is welcome to come by for a demonstration.

Cheryl Wise will be attending the Society of Michigan EMS Instructors & Coordinators Conference, Grand Traverse Michigan Resort, Traverse City, Michigan from the 23rd to 25th March 2018.

She will be showing our eVents, CPAP and SMART BAG on the  J & B Medical booth. Make sure you drop by to see the products that are making significant waves in the market!!!

We are pleased to be exhibiting once again at the 2018 Gathering of Eagles meeting which takes place Friday, March 2nd & Saturday, March 3rd at the Sheraton Downtown Dallas (400 North Olive Street, Dallas, Texas 75201).

Cheryl, Richard and Helton will be exhibiting our range of emergency respiratory care devices including the eSeries ventilators, O-Two CPAP and SMART BAG as well as our Equinox Relieve Analgesic Gas Mixing and Delivery System. Make sure you drop by to see how we can ease your patient’s pain improve your ventilations.

East TN Region II EMS Directors Association Conference, November 9th and 10th at the Park Vista Hotel, Gatlinburg, TN. Our Richard Lauber will be in the Henry Schein booth.

Ryan Lovelady will be attending the Fireshows West Conference and Expo, Grand Sierra Resort, Reno, Nevada, in Life-Assist Booth # 103-105.

Drop by to say “HI” and to see the latest in emergency respiratory care.

Cheryl Wise and Ryan Lovelady will be exhibiting our products at the EMS World Expo, Las Vegas, NV. October 18, 19 and 20.

The show is taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center and you can meet Cheryl and Ryan at our Booth number 1125. Make sure to come by and see the latest products from O-Two including the eSeries ventilators and O-Two CPAP.

It is with great sadness that we must inform our extended O-Two family of staff, customers and distributors of the untimely death of our International Sales and Marketing Manager Ken Thom. Ken died on Sunday 24th September in a SCUBA Diving accident while in South Africa.

All those who knew Ken during his 26 years with O-Two will fondly remember his sense of fun and unwavering commitment to improving emergency respiratory care. His input into product development helped to bring many new and innovative devices to the market, devices which are saving lives on a daily basis around the world.

Many of you will also be aware of Ken’s love of sport and especially his commitment to coaching Paralympic athletes where he coached Bermuda in the London Paralympics in 2012. Who will ever forget the sight of Ken in his pink Bermuda shorts at the opening ceremony?

Ken was a member of the Canadian Paralympic Committee and coached his son Curtis, who is a Canadian National wheelchair athlete at the 2016 games in Rio. Ken also had a great love of football, which he coached in Streetsville-Meadowvale for many years.

Ken leaves behind his wife Karen, sons Christopher and Curtis and daughter Stephanie, Son in law Nick and Daughter in law Bonnie along with his 3 grandchildren Riley, Alexis and Maleia (who were the center of Ken’s universe) and one yet to be born to Stephanie in January

Our thoughts are with his family at this sad time. Ken will be sadly missed by family, friends, athletes, colleagues and customers alike.

For those who wish to express their sympathy the family would appreciate donations to the Ontario Wheelchair Sports Association 100 Sunrise Ave. Unit 101, Toronto, ON  M4A 1B3   or the Cruisers Sports for the Physically Disabled 9-6975 Meadowvale Town Centre Circle, Suite 158, Mississauga, ON L5N 2V7.

O-Two will be exhibiting at the O A  P  C  – The Shaw Center, Ottawa – September 26-28, 2017.

Our Anita Bekavac will be at our booth # 409. On display will be our award winning O-Two Single-Use CPAP, SMART BAG controlled Flow manual Resuscitator and our eSeries Electronic Transport Ventilators. Drop by for a demonstration of these, or any, O-Two products.

Cheryl Wise will be working on the Henry Schein Booth at the Illinois Ambulance Association, Peoria, Illinois. do drop by to see our CPAP and transport ventilator solutions.

O-Two will be exhibiting at Booth #515 at the Paramedicine Across Canada Expo, 17th to 20th August at the Quebec City Convention Center. Anita Bekavac will be there to introduce you to our exciting range of emergency respiratory care roducts including the SMART BAG, O-Two Single use CPAP device and our eSeries ventilator range.

Make sure you drop by to say “Hi”!!!

The Arizona EMS Conference starts next week. Come visit our Ryan Lovelady to see our range of market leading emergency respiratory devices.

The one-day, CPECC – California Pediatric Emergency Care Conference, June 23, 2017, NorthBay Healthcare in Fairfield, California, Takes place on June 23rd. Our Western USA Sales manager, Ryan Lovelady, will be there exhibiting our range of emergency respiratory care products including our e7oo transport ventilator and the Pediatric SMART BAG MO\, “controlled flow”, manual resuscitator.

Make sure to drop by the booth!

June 18 – 22 sees the ICM coming to Toronto for their Triennial International Congress. O-Two will be there (Booth# T5) displaying our range of pain relief and emergency resuscitation products for labor and delivery.

Anita Bekavac and Kevin Bowden will be attending so do look out for us.

Our Anita Bekavac will exhibiting at the Paramedic Chiefs of Canada Leadership Summit 2017 — Halifax, Nova Scotia,  June 7- 9, 2017, at The Westin Nova Scotian Hotel. Come by our booth to see the range of controlled ventilation solutions offered by O-Two.



SEMSA (Saskatchewan Emergency Medical Services Association) Conference, Mosaic Place, Moose Jaw, SK, is taking place May 8 – 10, 2017. Our Anita Bekavac will be there on our booth demonstrating our range of emergency respiratory care products, single use CPAP and transport ventilators. Make sure to drop by to see the latest offerings from O-Two Medical.

O-Two will be represented at the ‘The Summit EMS Conference’ in Coeur d’ Alene Idaho located at the Coeur d’ Alene Resort, by our Ryan Lovelady. He will be working with our distributor Life-Assist in their booth. Come by to see the very best in emergency respiratory care from O-Two Medical Technologies.

Cheryl Wise will be attending the Illinois EMS Summit April 6th at the Memorial Center for Learning and Innovation
600-698 N. Rutlege St. Springfield, IL. Cheryl will be working with Henry Schein on their booth.

Cheryl Wise, Central US Sales Manager,  will be exhibiting at the Minnesota – Long Hot Summer conference on Trauma & Emergency Care March 3 – 4. Drop by to say “Hi”!

O-Two will be exhibiting our range of controlled ventilation products  on booth #1529 at EMS Today in Salt Lake City, Utah at the Calvin L. Rampton Salt Palace Convention Center, Feb 23rd – 25th. Ryan Lovelady will be there to answer all your questions and to show you our exciting range of eSeries electronic transport ventilators, single use CPAP devices and controlled flow manual resuscitators. Make sure to drop by to see him.

img_20170224_092255 img_20170224_094019




Cheryl Wise and Richard Lauber will be exhibiting at the Eagles meeting in Dallas this week. This conference brings together a faculty of the best minds in EMS Medical Direction for a fast paced meeting on the current and future course of pre-hospital emergency care.

Stop by to see how O-Two is contributing to improving controlled ventilation in the EMS environment.


Our Western US Sales Manager, Ryan Lovelady, will be attending Firehouse World in San Diego at the San Diego Convention Center, ( ) 7th and 8th February.  Ryan will be working with our  Life-Assist ( ) colleagues in their booth #1018. Do drop by to meet Ryan and see our latest controlled ventilation solutions.

Come see the transport ventilator that is captivating EMS, the e700 from O-Two Medical Technologies, at WI EMS Working Together Conference & Exposition January 25 @ 8:00 am – January 28 @ 5:00 pm.

Taking place at the  Wisconsin Center, 400 W. Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53203 , our Cheryl Wise will be there working with our distributors Moore Medical, Henry Schein and EMP. Do make sure you drop by to see what is so special about this amazing product. Also ask about our single use CPAP and controlled flow manual resuscitator, the SMART BAG MO!

Our Cheryl Wise will be in the Henry Schein Booth at the Arrowhead EMS Conference, Duluth Minnesota. 19th to 21st January Friday from 10:00AM to 6:00 PM and Saturday 7:00AM to 3:30PM.

Do drop by to look at the latest extension to our Single use CPAP, now packaged with our nebulizer kit! Also ask Cheryl to show you our eSeries Ventilators which are grabbing a lot of attention from the EMS market.

O-Two Medical Technologies offices will be closed from Monday December 26th

and will re-open on Tuesday January 3rd 2017.

For urgent issues over this period please contact your local Sales Manager

or email to:



Our Richard Lauber (, is exhibiting our range of controlled ventilation devices at the 37th Annual Virginia EMS Symposium, November 09 – 13, 2016, Norfolk Waterside Marriott, Norfolk, Virginia. Richard can be found on the booth distributor, BoundTree, booth number 34, 41-43.


Richard demonstrates our e700 Automatic Transport Ventilator to a conference attendee.

“O-Two has moved to new premises to allow us to continue our expansion and to serve you better”!

While our new premises are not too far from our previous location, the move has required not only a change of address but also a change in our Telephone and Fax numbers.

O-Two Medical Technologies Inc. is now located at:

45A Armthorpe Road, Brampton, Ontario, Canada, L6T 5M4

Our NEW Telephone number:  +1 905 792-OTWO (6896)

Our NEW Fax number: +1 905 799 1339

For North America our TOLL FREE number remains unchanged: +1 800 387 3405

Please update your records with our new contact details.

We look forward to serving you from our new location!

While Cheryl and Richard are in New Orleans at EMS EXPO our Ryan Lovelady ( will be in Reno, Nevada at Firehouse West, Reno Sparks Convention Center, Oct. 4-5

Ryan will be joining our distributor Life-Assist on their booth for the show and will be displaying our SMART BAG, Single Use CPAP and eSeries ventilators so do drop by to take a look.

Reno Sparks Convention Center

Our Cheryl Wise ( and Richard Lauber ( will be attending the EMS World Expo- October 3-7, 2016 Ernest Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, LA next week. They will be manning our booth #549 in the exhibition hall so do come by to see the latest in controlled ventilation technologies. They will be displaying our SMART BAG, Single Use CPAP and eSeries Ventilators so make a point of coming to booth #549 to take a test drive.


O-Two will exhibiting at the OAPC CONFERENCE in Collingwood next week. We will be represented by our Anita Bekavac ( at Booth # 50. Make sure to drop by and have Anita show you the latest in “controlled ventilation” technology from O-Two.

The conference is taking place at the Blue Mountain Village, 156 Jozo Weider Boulevard, The Blue Mountains, Collingwood.

Our Ryan Lovelady will be attending the Oregon EMS Conference, Riverhouse Convention Center, Bend, Oregon Sept. 22-24

Ryan will be in the Life-Assist booth helping to present out SMART BAGs, single use CPAP and eSeries ventilators. Do drop by to see these exciting products.

Ryan can be contacted by phone: 647-522-7637 or e-mail:


Our distributor PennCare will be exhibiting at the Tri ambulance Association meeting this week. Our own Richard Lauber ( will be assisting them with our range of ventilation products including the eSeries ventilators, SMART BAG and Single use CPAP. Do drop by to see and try these exciting products.

Curtis Thom (son of our own Ken Thom, International Sales and Marketing), has been selected to race for Canada in the 400m and 4 X 400m relay wheelchair racing events at the Rio Paralympics.

Born with Spina Bifida, Curtis, age 30, took up wheelchair racing at age 11. He is not a new comer to international sporting events having represented Canada in the Paralympics  in both Athens and London as well as multiple World Championships. He is the  current the Canadian record holder for the 400m , 4 x 100m relay and the 4 x 400m relay events. In 2013 he won Bronze in the Francophone Games in Nice. Here is Curtis racing in Edmonton at the Canadian championships in July 2016:

Ken is the the National Team Coach for ParaAthletics for Bermuda as well as a personal coach for one of the Canadian athletes in Rio. Ken will be attending the games from the 3rd to 18th  September. For those of you who know him, watch out for those “Pink” Bermuda shorts at the opening ceremony!


We at O-Two wish Curtis every success in Rio!   “GO CANADA”!!!

Ken Thom, International Sales and Marketing and Helton Santos,our South America Sales Manager will both be attending FIME 2016 (Florida International Medical Exhibition), at the Miami Trade Center, Miami, Florida 2nd to 4th August 2016. Do drop by our booth (#: D-B41) to see our range of controlled ventilation products including the eSeries ventilators, SMART BAG and Single Use CPAP as well as our Equinox Analgesic Gas Delivery Systems.

If you would like to make an appointment to meet with us at the show please contact Ken ( or Helton ( to set up a meeting time.

Our Central USA Sales Manager Cheryl Wise ( will be attending the Missouri EMS Conference at the Hilton Convention Center, Branson MO from July 26th to 28th. Cheryl will be working with one of our distribution partners, Henry Schein, in their booth.

Attendees at this conference come from all levels of EMS including Clinical Educators, Assistant EMS Chiefs and EMS Chiefs. Do drop by to speak with Cheryl and see our innovative ventilation solutions including the eSeries Ventilators, single use CPAP and SMART BAG MO.

Our Ken Thom and Helton Santos will be attending ExpoMed 2016, World Trade Center, Mexico City, 8th – 10th June. They will be exhibiting on the Ontario Pavilion. Helton is fluent n Portuguese and Spanish so we will be able to answer all your questions. Do come by the pavilion and see the latest advances that O-Two (and the rest of  the medical manufacturing community in Ontario, Canada) has to offer.

Our Western US Sales Manager, Ryan Lovelady, will be attending the “Trauma 2016: yesterday, today, tomorrow” by the California EMS Authority at the Marine’s Memorial Club & Hotel, San Francisco, CA. on June 7th 2016 with our distributor Life Assist.

Make sure you visit the booth to discuss with Ryan the range of “controlled ventilation” solutions offered by O-Two.

O-Two will be exhibiting at the Paramedic Chiefs of Canada, Prairieland Park in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, May 31st-June 2nd, 2016.

Our Canadian Sales Manager Anita Bekavac will be there at Booth #22. Please drop by to see the range of controlled ventilation solutions O-Two has to offer.


O-Two will be represented by our South American Sales Manager, Helton Santos, as a member of the Ontario Healthcare Mission to Brazil, at Hospitalar 2016. He will be at the show from the 16th until the 19th May meeting with distributors. If you are attending and would like the opportunity to see the range of controlled ventilation devices O-Two offers please contact Helton:


or call:+554199152515

Click on the link below to see the first of our new Whiteboard Advertisements: “New Ideas”,  providing information on O-Two Medical Technologies Inc. and its products. Please feel free to circulate this to your colleagues, customers or whomever you feel might like a lighthearted look at our “controlled ventilation” offerings.


Watch out for more of these fun and informative videos every week from your local O-Two Sales Manager.


Our Romanian distributor: SC. ALPHA MEDICAL SRL. ( will be exhibiting our range of controlled ventilation devices at the SRATI congress, between May, 11th and 15th in Sinaia, Romania.Make sure you drop by and say “Hi”.

O-Two will be exhibiting at the  SEMSA Conference May 9th -11th Convention Trade Show at Mosaic Place in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Our Canadian Sales Manager, Anita Bekavac, will be attending ( Make sure you drop by our booth to see our amazing range of controlled ventilation devices.

The Rettmobile Emergency Services Show takes place next week in Fulda, Germany.  Our Hungarian distributor, Ms. Eszter Farkas of  Speeding Kft., will be visiting.

On the purchase of 40 of our e700 Automatic Transport Ventilators, Chivas Guillote, BSN, RN, LP, CCRN, CFRN, CCEMTP,  Vice President of Clinical Services, Harris County Emergency Corps said of the acquisition:

“O-Two and Boundtree have made our acquisition of the e700 ventilator as seamless as possible. I have nothing but fantastic things to say about the ease of the purchase, the flexibility of both companies in regards to training, and the level of responsiveness we have experienced. I have been involved in EMS equipment purchasing for a long time and I can say this implementation went flawCatalogue Images- e700-Ventilator 4 x 2 300 DPIlessly. The ventilator is an excellent piece of equipment and will serve us well for years”.

“Our staff was reluctant to change ventilators because they were concerned about having to learn more advanced features. THarris County Emergency Corp 3 31 16 (2)his ventilator was so easy to teach to our team. The level of crew member confidence was high as they left the training. As you can read in the testimony below, we had several uses in the first couple of weeks after the deployment. Our staff is very comfortable with our purchase. Thanks for making this process simple and effective”.

On the first actual patient use of the e700 ventilator, Mike Reed, LP (also Mike Summers, EMT-P) said ….  ” The new vent proved both easy to use and helpful when switching modes of respiration on a critical patient with an initially compromised and semi-controlled airway.”….”the controls were as simple to use as we practiced.  The vents also clean up well after a call”. “I know several folks have used them now in just the first two days (including someone doing BiPAP).  Our personal experience on a critical, multi-airway-strategy call was fantastic.  I’d encourage everyone to think through what you’d use the different settings for, and let Clinical Practice know what works for them”.  This is a very good upgrade to the vents we had before”!




Our Cheryl Wise will be attending the Missouri Education Conference at the Lake of the Ozarks, April 27th to 28th. Do drop by to see our e4xciting range of emergency respiratory care devices including our eSeries Transport Ventilators, Single use CPAP and SMART BAG Controlled Flow Manual Resuscitator.

We will be attending The Summit meeting in Coeur D’Alene, ID. with one of our US distributors, Moore Medical on the above dates. Ryan Lovelady will be there to answer any question you may have and to show you the range of “controlled ventilation” products from O-Two Medical.

Grow your Sales Career with O-Two!

Are you a professional sales person with a proven track record, or a paramedic looking to break into medical sales? Are you self-motivated and dedicated to improving patient care? Do you have what it takes to grow your sales career with an innovative, well established, Canadian manufacturer, dedicated to providing the very best in emergency respiratory care?

We are looking to expand our dynamic team of Territory Sales Managers (both Nationally and Internationally) to manage our ever growing distributor network.

E-mail: with your resume and find out how we can grow together!

O-Two is pleased to welcome our new South America Sales Manager, Helton Santos, to the O-Two team! Living in Brazil with his wife and one child,  Helton comes from a background in ICU  ventilation.

Cheryl Wise of O-Two will be attending the Bob Page EMS Conference in Peoria on the 22/23rd March. Drop in to say “Hi” and see the eSeries range of transport ventilators. Well worth a visit!!!

See how this pervasive issue can seriously affect your patient’s survival!!

Haemodynamic Effects of IH on Cardiac Arrest Survival 02_2016

Richard Lauber, Eastern Region Sales Manager, will be attending EMS Today at the Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore MD 24th – 27th February ( with Moore Medical, booth# 1225.

Richard will then be heading to Columbus OH for the ITLS Emergency with Moore Medical Feb 26 & 27th ( ).

Make sure to drop by to see the eSeries range of transport Ventilators and a whole lot more “controlled ventilation” products from O-Two Medical Technologies.

Our Central Region Sales Manager, Cheryl Wise, will be representing O-Two at the 2016 Gathering of Eagles conference at the  Sheraton Dallas Hotel 400 North Olive Street Dallas, Texas, February 18th – 20th (

Visit Cheryl at our booth to see our exciting range of resuscitation and transport ventilation products.

Our 2016 North America, International and First Aid Respiratory Catalogues are now available. Visit our Resource Center/Product Literature Library to download the catalogue for your geographic area.

FRA catalogue cover International  catalogue cover NA  catalogue cover

Our Eastern Europe Sales Manager, Anita Bekavac, reports that our Slovenian distributor Medicop d.o.o. will be attending the Airway Management in Prehospital Circumstances seminar, 4th February at the Center URSZR Pekre, Bezjakova 151, 2341 Limbuš, Slovenia.  They will be exhibiting O-Two Products and we look forward to hearing some great reports from the show from them.

O-Two will be exhibiting at Firehouse World, San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA, February 2-3, 2016 Booth # 1351.

Our very own Ryan Lovelady will be there to show you our exciting range of Controlled Ventilation devices including our ward winning O-Two Single-Use CPAP and the new eSeries Electronic Transport Ventilator Range. Make sure you come by for a look see!

Ryan can be contacted at:

3d rendered illustration of the male lung

Ryan Lovelady – Sales Manager Western US

O-Two Medical Technologies Inc.
7575 Kimbel Street, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L5S 1C8
Direct: 877 215 8868 Mobile: 647 522 7637 Fax: +1 905 677 2035
Email: Web:




Cheryl Wise will be attending the 30th “Working Together” Wisconsin EMS Conference at the Wisconsin Center, Milwaukee, January 29th and 30th. Cheryl will be there assisting our distributors –  EMP, Henry Schein and Moore Medical with our eSeries Ventilator range, SMART BAG MO “controlled flow” manual resuscitator and O-Two Single Use CPAP products.

Drop by any of the three booths by for a demonstration. Cheryl will be more than happy to answer your questions.

You can reach Cheryl  by the following methods:

3d rendered illustration of the male lung

Cheryl Wise – Sales Manager Central US

O-Two Medical Technologies Inc.
7575 Kimbel Street, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L5S 1C

Office: +1 877 782 3302  Mobile: +1 416 988 8784 Fax: +1 905 677 2035
Email:  Web:

Happy New Year 2015

christmas-cards-2015 for website

A Christmas Resuscitation

T’was the night before Christmas
And all through the hall
The medics were eating
And having a ball
When out of the office
There came the chief
His eyes they were glazed
His face stricken with grief

“It seems that old Santa’s
Had a heart attack
I think that the cause
Was the weight of his sack”
The doors were flung open
And the engine was started
With lights flashing and sirens
The ambulance departed.

Oh what will we do
One medic he cried
It sounds like an arrest
And no matter how we’ve tried
We know our success rate
For ROSC is quite low
But try we must
And so on they did go

They sped through the streets
Taking corners too fast
They didn’t know how long
Poor Santa would last.
They got to his house
And then saw his plight
For Santa lay dead there
T’was a terrible sight

Try as they may
With chest compressions
And defibrillation
They had no success in
Returning circulation
Then one medic he said
Poor Santa won’t last
Get out the SMART BAG
We’re ventilating too fast!

And in a flash
The SMART BAG was applied
No Hyperventilation
Just perfect chest rise
Doing 30 to 2
And with good oxygenation
They soon got ROSC
T’was Santa’s salvation

They both cried with joy
For Christmas was saved
Santa mounted his sled
And with a wave
He turned to the crew
And without hesitation
Said “I know what saved me,
T’was ‘Controlled Ventilation’”!

Season’s Greetings and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year to All

From All the staff at O-Two Medical Technologies Inc.

At the Emergency Pediatric Interdisciplinary Care Conference in Tucson Arizona, O-Two were honored with the title of Pediatric Champions!

EPICC AwardRyan Lovelady, Western US Sales Manager for O-Two ( said “What a great meeting with such a welcoming and supportive group of delegates and organizers. We will be definitely be back for the next one”!

Started in 2011, EPICC set out to provide high quality education in the care of the one of most vulnerable populations in Arizona: children. A non-profit group with a mission to educate emergency providers, they hope to continue to offer affordable, practical pediatric CE and CME for years to come.

The European Resuscitation Council launched the 2015 Resuscitation Guidelines in Prague. With over 3000 attendees this was one of the best attended ERC meetings ever!

O-Two was represented at the exhibition by Anita Bekavac and Kevin Bowden and the level of interest in O-Two products by the delegates (especially SMART BAG and the e700 ventilator) was phenomenal! The visitors to our booth came from 27 countries as far apart as Chile and Russia and Sweden and South Korea making this a truly international conference.

While the 2015 Booth at ERCGuidelines did not introduce any new protocols they did solidify a number of issues and brought up some science that perhaps downgraded the benefit of certain CPR adjuncts. Of particular note was the reference to Supraglottic airways and their clinical inferiority to standard bag-valve-mask ventilation. In addition the use of automated chest compression devices was downplayed as not showing any clinical benefit over manual chest compressions.

With the guidelines now firmly set for the next 5 years we look forward to seeing an overall improvement in survival from out of hospital cardiac arrest.

O-Two will be Exhibiting at the European Resuscitation Council Guidelines Conference, Prague, Czech Republic Oct 29 – 31 2015,  Booth #: E04.

Kevin Bowden and Anita Bekavac will be in attendance and we will be displaying our “e” Series ventilator range as well as our Single Use CPAP, CAREvent ventilators and SMART BAG.

Essex-Windsor EMS, the County of Essex and City of Windsor is proud to be hosting the 2015 AGM Fall Conference for the Ontario Association of Paramedic Chiefs at Caesars, Windsor from September 24 to the 25, 2015. O-Two will be exhibiting with Anita Bekavac in attendance on booth # 27. Drop by to see the latest products from O-Two.

The City of Manassas Fire-Rescue Department have become the first service in the USA to purchase the new e600 ventilators (literature) from O-Two Medical Technologies.

Chosen for its lightweight, long battery life and ease of operation, the e600 will become the front-line ventilator for this service.

Seen here is O-Two Eastern US Sales Manager Richard Lauber undertaking the initial in-service training with Manassas staff members.

Manassas Park Training 1Manassas Park Training 2

Congratulations to Richard for this first sale of  “e” series ventilators in the USA. Many more are on the horizon!

The John Hunter Hospital in New South Wales, Australia has taken delivery of their first 20 Equinox® Advantage units. These units offer adjustable N2O concentrations from 25 – 75%  and are designed to deliver pain relief for trauma, childbirth and during painful procedures. These were sold through our distributor Gascon.

Sarella Singer & Anita Bekavac of O-Two will be exhibiting at the Paramedic Chiefs of Canada Conference. Come along to Booth #51 to see the latest ventilation technologies from O-Two.

O-Two Medical will be attending The SEMSA Convention & Trade Show, May 11 – 13 at the Sheraton Cavalier Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Please drop by to speak with Anita Bekavac and to see the latest controlled ventilation devices from O-Two.

O-Two will be attending the Trauma Care Conference, Telford, Shropshire, UK April 18th – 24th with our UK distributor SP Services. Kevin Bowden will be presenting at the conference on Ventilation in Trauma.

Cheryl Wise will be attending the Travis City EMS Conference 23rd to the 25th April. make sure to drop by and say “Hi”. Cheryl will be showing for the first time at  USA conference the new “e” Series Ventilators from O-Two! Well worth a look!!!

The 12th Dutch Reanimation Congress in Utrecht was well attended with around 1000 delegates for the one day event. Medicare Uitgeest, our Dutch distributor, sponsored the congress bags and put on a fine display with SMART BAG and the O-Two single use CPAP front and center. Two Mini Ventilation Training Analyzer workstations for the delegates to try SMART BAG attracted a lot of attention.

SMART BAG wowed the crowd with a lot of delegates asking for information and demonstrations at their hospitals. Medicare have done very well so far this year converting a number fo hospitals to SMART BAG through their representative Rob Emmens. Great Job Medicare!!

O-Two are attending this year’s Gathering of EAGLES conference in Dallas Texas.

The EMS State of the Sciences Conference (dubbed by media as “A Gathering of Eagles”) has become one of the most progressive and important EMS conferences worldwide.

The faculty, derived from the U.S. Metropolitan Municipalities EMS Medical Directors Consortium (The “Eagles” Coalition) is comprised of most of the jurisdictional EMS Medical Directors for the nation’s 35 to 40 largest U.S. cities’ 9-1-1 systems as well as the chief medical officers for several pivotal federal agencies such as the FBI, U.S. Secret Service, White House Medical Unit and also includes several global municipalities such as London (UK) and Sydney (Australia).

In essence, this small but cohesive cadre of leading emergency medical services specialists not only oversee the medical aspects of day-to-day 9-1-1-type emergency responses and early resuscitative interventions for trauma, stroke, cardiac care and other critical emergencies in the nation’s (and some of the world’s) most populous cities, but most of them are also responsible for much of the medical aspects of homeland security and disaster management in these high-risk venues (in which nearly 100 million persons dwell and make their livelihood). Their ability to deal with these significant responsibilities is, in many ways, facilitated by the close cooperation of this unique convocation of physicians who also generally serve as the main interface between local government and the medical community at large in these metropolitan municipalities.

The purpose of the highly popular annual Eagles conference is to share with participants — and faculty alike — the most cutting-edge information and advances in EMS patient care, research and management issues — as well as trending challenges (and lessons learned from those challenges) — while also introducing novel patient care strategies and techniques.

Beyond the faculty, this unique global EMS conference is also famous for having pioneered the 10 minute bullet plenary presentation, “lightning rounds” and other innovative educational advances which have not only provided the attendees with 40 or so plenary presentations over 2 days but, according to conference evaluations, have also changed nationwide medical practices almost overnight. Accordingly, the consortium has become extraordinarily influential in shaping future EMS practice trends, medical aspects of disasters and homeland security — not to mention day-to-day 9-1-1 responses and resuscitations worldwide.

Cheryl Wise and Richard Lauber will both be there so do drop by to see them and our range of “controlled ventilation” devices that will be on display.

You can reach Cheryl by calling 1 877 782 3302 and Richard on 877 215 8869.


Kevin Bowden will be attending the 12th Dutch Reanimation Congress on the 11th March with our Dutch Distributor Medicare Uitgeest.

Following a successful trip to Croatia by Our Eastern European Sales Manager Anita Bekavac, the following customers have come on board with our “e” Series Ventilators, SMART BAG and Burn Relief: KB Sveti Duh, Zagreb, KBC Sestre milosrdnice, Zagreb, HGSS Croatian Mountain Rescue.


Sarella Singer (Cell: 514-546-5547, email: will be at the EXPO préhospitalier Jan 29/30. Sarella will be working with our distribution partner EMRN so do drop by to see her and take a look at the latest products from O-Two.

Our Central USA Manager, Cheryl Wise, will be at the Wisconsin EMS Conference in Milwaukee this week.

If you would like to meet Cheryl to discuss any of our products please call:

1 416 988 8784



to arrange a meeting time and place. Cheryl will be pleased to hear from you.

Elite Scientific will be representing O-Two Medical products at Arab Health, Jan 26th to 29th in Dubai. You can see our products on booth number S2E70. Please contact Anis Abdalla (cell number: +1 905 966 2912). Anis is looking forward to meeting you there.

O-Two, in the form of Sarella Singer and Anita Bekavac  will be  attending the Acklands Grainger 2015 Products and Services Show February 4 and 5 in Vancouver.

A Christmas Resuscitation

T’was the night before Christmas and all through the hall,
The medics were eating and having a ball.
When out of the office there came the chief,
His eyes they were glazed, his face stricken with grief.

“It seems that old Santa’s had a heart attack,
I think that the cause was the weight of his sack”
The doors were flung open, the engine was started,
With lights flashing and sirens the ambulance departed.

Oh “what will we do”? One medic he cried
“It sounds like an arrest and no matter how we’ve tried.
We know our success rate for ROSC is quite low.
But try we must” and so on they did go.

They sped through the streets taking corners too fast,
They didn’t know how long poor Santa would last.
They got to his house and then saw his plight,
For Santa lay dead there t’was a terrible sight.

Try as they may with chest compressions and defibrillation,
They had no success in returning circulation.
Then one medic he said “poor Santa won’t last.
Get out the SMART BAG we’re ventilating too fast”!

And in a flash the SMART BAG was applied.
No Hyperventilation, just perfect chest rise.
Doing 30 to 2 and with good oxygenation,
They soon got a pulse, t’was Santa’s salvation!

They both cried with joy for Christmas was saved.
Santa mounted his sled and with a wave,
He turned to the crew and without hesitation
Said “I know what saved me”, t’was Controlled Ventilation!

A Merry Christmas To All And To All A Good Night!

The  Northwest EMS (Kenora District), Ontario  is now using the o_two Single Use open Circuit CPAP System

Our Polish distributor, Respivent, has secured a tender for 13 e700 Tranport Ventilators for ARM Poland. This follows on the back of Respivent securing business with our e700 ventilators in the new Polish Simulation Center in Northern Poland.

Bonnyville EMS has become the first EMS Service using the e700 ventilator in Alberta. Ken Hesson (Acting EMS Chief) said they are very pleased with the e700 and looking to purchase more within the next 3 years.

Kevin Bowden will be visiting the MEDICA Exhibition, Dusseldorf, Germany this week. Call or text to 001 647 309 2177 or e-mail to arrange a meeting.

Cheryl Wise & Richard Lauber will be in attendance at the EMS World show in Nashville. Make sure you come by to see them.

Make sure you drop by and see Cheryl Wise who will be pleased to show you the latest “controlled ventilation” products from O-Two

Putnam County, TN, Hoosie Valley, NY and Northumberland County ON, are the latest services to switch to O-Two Single Use CPAP. Simplicity, size and low gas consumption cited as the reasons for the change.

Kevin Bowden will be attending the UKRC with our exclusive UK distributor SP Services on November 6th. Come by and see the latest in “controlled ventilation” technology.

O-Two will be attending the 118 congress in Genoa, Italy  October 23 – 25 2014. We will be working with our exclusive Italian distributor Iredeem. Do drop by if you are attending.

Kevin Bowden will be on the booth of our Italian distributor Iredeem at the Italian Resuscitation Council Meeting. Naples, October 10/11. They will be show casing our SMART BAG, Single Use CPAP and “e” Series Ventilators. Drop by and say “Hi”!

BREAKING NEW>>>>>>>>>>>

While attending the “AmbulanseForum” in Oslo, Norway an O-Two Salesman (name withheld to protect anonymity) was arrested for “intent to supply superior product”.






Competitors called the Police!!



O-Two will be attending the Norwegian Ambulanse Forum Sept 30 – Oct 1st in Oslo. Stop by the Ferno Norden booth to see the latest offerings from O-Two including our new “e” Series Ventilators. Kevin Bowden of O-Two will be in attendance.

Now available in North America the NEW!! O-Two Single Use CPAP Nebulizer Kit.

CPAP and nebulizer 3 x 2This enables you to run CPAP and nebulizer off one regulator utilizing the 9/16 DISS outlet to run the nebulizer and the therapy flow outlet to run the CPAP unit.Unlike other devices with built in nebulizers, running both at the same time does not affect the CPAP performance output!!!

The new “Full Crown” Head Harness is now available for those who wish to use a more traditional type of CPAP head gear.

mock up of koo medical head harness

O-Two will be attending the Ontario Chiefs Conference in London Ontario 24th and 25th September.

We’ve been listening…

O-Two Medical Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of our “Enhanced, adult, SMART BAG® MO”.

The new look incorporates:

  • A re-designed intake valve assembly
  • Easy Grip ribbed style balloon
  • Reduced overall length – smaller collapsed size for ease of storage
  • Clear plastic components – easier visualization of the “SMART VALVE”
  • Multi-language instruction sheet – 11 languages
  • Reduced transport costs – now supplied 12 per case

O-Two will be exhibiting at FIME 2014 in Miami Beach on the 6th – 8th August. Ken Thom and Richard Lauber will be in attendance so do come by our booth # 2046 to see the latest exciting products from O-Two Medical.

Anita Bekavac with be attending the Congress of Intensive and Urgent Medicine, Brijuni, Croatia 16th t0 18th June. This is our first attendance at this show and the first showing major of our innovative and exciting product range in Croatia.

O-Two will be represented at the Alberta Fire Chiefs Conference (Grande Prairie, AL, 8th/9th June) and the Canadian Paramedic Chiefs Conference (Vancouver BC, 1th – 13th June) by Anita Bekavac – Do be sure to drop by and chat with Anita about our newest products.

A new study  from Belgium on the CAREvent® PAR to be published in the European  Journal of Emergency Medicine, entitled:

Quality of resuscitation by first responders using the Quality of resuscitation by first responders using the
public access resuscitator’: a randomized manikin study.

Concludes that:

“Compared with the face mask [pocket mask], PAR improved tidal volume, compressions per minute and hand position…”.

Even more reason to choose one of O-Two’s controlled ventilation solutions!

SMART BAG® is being included in the medical kits for the race teams belonging to the FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile). This organization covers motorsport worldwide at all levels from Formula 1 through rally car to karting. All race teams must be trained in emergency medical response and the training is being undertaken by MDD Europe starting with the new Formula E electric car racing series which has it inaugural race in Beijing, September 2014.

Our Western Canada Sales Manager Anita Bekavac ( will be attending the BC FIRE EXPO and FCABC CONFERENCE June 1st and 2nd. Contact Anita to set up a meeting.

O-Two to attend the ACSIQ Association des chefs en sécurité incendie du Québec Exhibition in Montreal 19th May.

Sarella will be working with our Quebec Distributor  EMRN on their booth.  Please contact Sarella to arrange a meeting at the show:

C 514-546-5547

Anita will be attending both OAFC and SEMSA conferences in May:

Sunday May 4th OAFC (Ontario Association Fire Chief) Annual Trade Show

May 5th – May 7th SEMSA (Saskatchewan Emergency Medical Services Association)

Contact Anita (mobile – 416 670 7012, email to arrange a meeting.

O-Two will be attending the Michigan EMS Conference in Grand Rapids this week –

Cheryl Wise from O-Two will be in attendance. Make sure to drop by and see her. Cheryl can be contacted by e-mail –

if you would like to set up a meeting time.

The Queensland, Australia, Ambulance Service has selected the o_two Single Use CPAP System for use by their Intensive Care Paramedics. The service has produced an excellent training video which can be found on youtube:

The new CPR 360 Pit Crew Video

recently published on EMS World, shows our SMART BAG MO controlled flow manual resuscitator being used.

SMART BAG MO has been widely adopted across Arizona due to the efforts of the University of Arizona with their “EPIC Project” Traumatic Brain Injury Study.

EMS services in the following counties in Ontario have joined the Province of Manitoba in using the O-Two Disposable CPAP device to treat patients in the pre-hospital environment: County of Simcoe, Haldimand County, Norfolk County, London, Hamilton, York Region (Toronto), Essex Windsor, & Lambton County.


Cheryl will be on hand at the Appleton WI, Paramedic Conference to discuss O-Two products. Do drop by and see her or contact Cheryl to arrange a specific meeting time:

Cell #: ! 416 988 8784


SP Services, UK, ran an excellent Ventilation Symposium at their new head offices in Telford, Shropshire. 24 people in all attended and the meeting content was very well received. Unfortunately, due to space limitations, there were a number of people who could not be accommodated. A second Ventilation Seminar is now planned for the 7th May!

Our Italian distributor, Iredeem (Bologna, Italy), ran their 2014 Sales Meeting at an unusual venue at the weekend. Choosing to hold the meeting South of Stuttgart, Germany at a “BrauHaus/Hotel” where, on Saturday evening, all 40+ delegates and presenters were treated to an evening with the “brau meister” learning all about German beer while sampling 7 different types. O-Two was represented by Kevin Bowden who presented on CPAP, SMART BAG and our new “e” Ventilator Series. An excellent venue, great conference and, no doubt, a lot of hangovers!!!

SP Services are running a one day ventilation seminar at their headquarters in Telford, Shropshire on Friday, March 21st. Registrants already exceed 25 for what promises to be an interesting and informative day on Pre-hospital CPAP, Inadvertent Hyperventilation and Automatic Transport Ventilators.

Two hospitals in Panama have switched to SMART BAG MO having realized the benefits for improved patient care of controlled manual ventilation. After a short period of orientation for the staff, SMART BAG MO has been installed throughout the hospitals.

Cheryl will be attending the Nebraska NEMSA conference. Make sure to drop by and see her or contact Cheryl to arrange a meeting: Tel: 1 877 782 3302

Chuck and Cheryl would like to thank everyone who took the time to visit our booth during the Gathering of Eagles meeting in Dallas. Our thanks also to the “Eagles” for yet another excellent conference. See you in 2015!

A study from the Europe reiterates the 2004 Aufderheide et al study showing that, in manually ventilated patients in cardiac arrest, 90% had ventilation rates of 20/min, twice the Guidelines recommended rate of 10/min. Even in those being mechanically ventilated, ventilation rates higher than 10/min were recorded in 92% of patients. Ventilation rates in cardiac arrest were higher than in patients without cardiac arrest for both types of ventilation.














manual and mechanical ventilation.

O-Two, in the form of Chuck Doumith and Cheryl Wise, will be attending the GATHERING OF EAGLES XVI meeting (27th Feb to 1st March) at the Intercontinental Hotel, Dallas TX.  Do drop by the booth if you are there.

You can contact Chuck –  Cell: 647 393 4439 or Cheryl – Cell: 416 988 8784 to arrange to meet.

One of our Indian distributors, JLD, has won an order from a number of coal mines for a total of 43 CAREvent® CA confined space/toxic environment rescue resuscitator kits. Along with the CAREvent®s they also ordered 11 of our Level 1 Preventive Maintenance Test Kits.

JLD has been supplying the mining industry in India for the last 10 years. Congratulations and thanks to JLD for all their hard work!

O-Two is pleased to announce the launch of its “quick reference” Product Guides for our distributor representatives. To receive your copies please contact your local O-Two representative:

Anita Bekavac,    Western Ontario, GTA, Western Canada and Eastern Europe 

Cheryl Wise,      Central USA – OH, IN, MI, IL, WI, IA, MN, ND, SD, NE, KS, MO, OK, AR, TX, CO

Chuck Doumith,   Western USA – WA, OR, ID, WY, NM, AZ, NV, CA, HI, AK

Ken Thom,      Australasia, India, Africa, South America

Kevin Bowden,   Western and Northern Europe        

Richard Lauber, Eastern USA – ME, NH, VT, MA, CT, RI, NY, NJ, PA, DE, WV, VA, KY, TN, NC, SC, LA, MS, AL, GA, FL          

Sarella Singer,    Eastern Ontario and Eastern Canada         

The o_two Single-Use Open Circuit CPAP device has been granted a US Patent. This award winning product has revolutionized the disposable CPAP market due to its low flow/high CPAP capability, reducing oxygen consumption significantly while improving both patient care and comfort.

Anita Bekavac ( is taking on the sales management of the Eastern European Countries of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia and Albania.  Anita was born in Germany, currently lives in Canada and is a fluent Croatian speaker which makes her eminently suited for this territory. These additions to her role with O-Two are on top of her already busy schedule managing Western Canada.

Please call us at 905 677 9410 for more information or email

eSeries e700