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Gathering of Eagles XVII February 20 – 21, 2015

O-Two are attending this year’s Gathering of EAGLES conference in Dallas Texas.

The EMS State of the Sciences Conference (dubbed by media as “A Gathering of Eagles”) has become one of the most progressive and important EMS conferences worldwide.

The faculty, derived from the U.S. Metropolitan Municipalities EMS Medical Directors Consortium (The “Eagles” Coalition) is comprised of most of the jurisdictional EMS Medical Directors for the nation’s 35 to 40 largest U.S. cities’ 9-1-1 systems as well as the chief medical officers for several pivotal federal agencies such as the FBI, U.S. Secret Service, White House Medical Unit and also includes several global municipalities such as London (UK) and Sydney (Australia).

In essence, this small but cohesive cadre of leading emergency medical services specialists not only oversee the medical aspects of day-to-day 9-1-1-type emergency responses and early resuscitative interventions for trauma, stroke, cardiac care and other critical emergencies in the nation’s (and some of the world’s) most populous cities, but most of them are also responsible for much of the medical aspects of homeland security and disaster management in these high-risk venues (in which nearly 100 million persons dwell and make their livelihood). Their ability to deal with these significant responsibilities is, in many ways, facilitated by the close cooperation of this unique convocation of physicians who also generally serve as the main interface between local government and the medical community at large in these metropolitan municipalities.

The purpose of the highly popular annual Eagles conference is to share with participants — and faculty alike — the most cutting-edge information and advances in EMS patient care, research and management issues — as well as trending challenges (and lessons learned from those challenges) — while also introducing novel patient care strategies and techniques.

Beyond the faculty, this unique global EMS conference is also famous for having pioneered the 10 minute bullet plenary presentation, “lightning rounds” and other innovative educational advances which have not only provided the attendees with 40 or so plenary presentations over 2 days but, according to conference evaluations, have also changed nationwide medical practices almost overnight. Accordingly, the consortium has become extraordinarily influential in shaping future EMS practice trends, medical aspects of disasters and homeland security — not to mention day-to-day 9-1-1 responses and resuscitations worldwide.

Cheryl Wise and Richard Lauber will both be there so do drop by to see them and our range of “controlled ventilation” devices that will be on display.

You can reach Cheryl by calling 1 877 782 3302 and Richard on 877 215 8869.


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