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Harris County Corps purchase 40, e700 Automatic Transport Ventilators.

On the purchase of 40 of our e700 Automatic Transport Ventilators, Chivas Guillote, BSN, RN, LP, CCRN, CFRN, CCEMTP,  Vice President of Clinical Services, Harris County Emergency Corps said of the acquisition:

“O-Two and Boundtree have made our acquisition of the e700 ventilator as seamless as possible. I have nothing but fantastic things to say about the ease of the purchase, the flexibility of both companies in regards to training, and the level of responsiveness we have experienced. I have been involved in EMS equipment purchasing for a long time and I can say this implementation went flawCatalogue Images- e700-Ventilator 4 x 2 300 DPIlessly. The ventilator is an excellent piece of equipment and will serve us well for years”.

“Our staff was reluctant to change ventilators because they were concerned about having to learn more advanced features. THarris County Emergency Corp 3 31 16 (2)his ventilator was so easy to teach to our team. The level of crew member confidence was high as they left the training. As you can read in the testimony below, we had several uses in the first couple of weeks after the deployment. Our staff is very comfortable with our purchase. Thanks for making this process simple and effective”.

On the first actual patient use of the e700 ventilator, Mike Reed, LP (also Mike Summers, EMT-P) said ….  ” The new vent proved both easy to use and helpful when switching modes of respiration on a critical patient with an initially compromised and semi-controlled airway.”….”the controls were as simple to use as we practiced.  The vents also clean up well after a call”. “I know several folks have used them now in just the first two days (including someone doing BiPAP).  Our personal experience on a critical, multi-airway-strategy call was fantastic.  I’d encourage everyone to think through what you’d use the different settings for, and let Clinical Practice know what works for them”.  This is a very good upgrade to the vents we had before”!




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