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Manual vs. Mechanical Ventilation in Prehospital Setting

November 5, 2021,
Brampton, Ontario

Mechanical ventilators offer a safe alternative to manual ventilation with controlled Vt and RR.

Even though bag-valve-mask (BVM) system is one of the most common devices used to provide ventilation during transports, manual ventilation or BVM resuscitation (with conventional devices) has shown that:

  • It is complicated since it requires some level of expertise and is not recommended to be performed by a single provider.
  • It has variable outcomes depending on the rescuer performance.
  • It may cause adverse clinical consequences due to hyperventilation or hypoventilation.
  • It makes it difficult to reach the standards in terms of tidal volume (Vt) and respiratory rate (RR).
  • It may expose patients to overpressure and overinflation.
  • It does not allow adequate patients’ monitoring.

O-Two Medical Technologies Inc. has overcome the challenges of manual ventilation with the SMART Bag® MO Bag-Valve-Mask Resuscitator; however, this BVM controls flow assisting the rescuer to deliver proper RR and Vt. It does not eliminate the variability on the squeeze method given by the operator specially under hectic environments and difficult clinical conditions that affect ventilation parameters inadvertently.

In consequence, mechanical ventilation with portable devices have become the preferred method for transporting patients in prehospital environments. Mechanical ventilators offer a safe alternative to manual ventilation and allow healthcare professionals to deliver consistent care and controlled Vt and RR.

e-Series automatic transport ventilators offered by O-Two Medical Technologies Inc. provide controlled ventilation for resuscitation and patient transport. These ventilators ensure standardization of ventilation and adherence to international guidelines as they count with all necessary and desirable features for prehospital positive-pressure treatment.

Alba Marin, MD | O-Two Clinical Specialist

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