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Old Dogs and New Tricks – How the O-Two Single Use Open CPAP System works

The key to the function and gas saving feature of the O-Two Single Use Open CPAP
System is the simplicity of its operating principle.

While other devices utilize complex turbulent flow to generate what has been termed
a “virtual valve” and create PEEP. We utilize the very simple “head out of the car window”
principle to create CPAP!

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When driving, if you put your head out of the window, you will experience CPAP as
the air flow assists in forcing air into the lungs and creates PEEP when breathing out. The
faster you go the greater the level of CPAP generated.

The O-Two Single Use Open CPAP System utilizes the same method by accelerating
the oxygen flow through the “vectored flow valve” in the device. The higher the flow, the
faster the air is accelerated through the nozzle and the higher the CPAP pressure generated.
The accelerated flow generates the positive pressure to assist in inspiration.

Combine this with the calculated ejection angle on the patient side of the nozzle and
the air flow is directed to completely fill the internal bore of the O-Two Single Use Open
CPAP System creating a CPAP “curtain” which generates the PEEP for expiration, thus
creating continuous positive airway pressure – CPAP.

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