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Why only two sizes of SMART BAG® MO? Resuscitation Guidelines and bag-valve-mask Recommended balloon volumes.

The SMART BAG® MO flow controlling manual resuscitator is supplied in only two sizes – Adult and Pediatric. This device is not supplied in the “neonatal” size common in the market place for manual resuscitators. [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]The rational for this is based on the recommendations of the 2005 Resuscitation Guidelines from the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) as published by the American Heart Association, European Resuscitation Council and other National resuscitation organizations. Below is the section from the 2005 Guidelines that detail this recommendation:

(Circulation. 2005;112:IV-156-IV-166.)
© 2005 American Heart Association.
DOI: 10.1161/CIRCULATION AHA.105.166572
Part 11: Pediatric Basic Life Support IV-159

Bag-Mask Ventilation (Healthcare Providers)

Bag-mask ventilation can be as effective as endotracheal intubation and safer when providing ventilation for short periods. But, bag-mask ventilation requires training and
periodic retraining in the following skills: selecting the correct mask size, opening the airway, making a tight seal between the mask and face, delivering effective ventilation, and assessing the effectiveness of that ventilation. In the out-of-hospital setting, preferentially ventilate and oxygenate infants and children with a bag and mask rather than attempt intubation if transport time is short (Class IIa; LOE 166; 367;468,69).

Ventilation Bags

Use a self-inflating bag with a volume of at least 450 to 500 mL; smaller bags may not deliver an effective tidal volume or the longer inspiratory times required by full-term neonates and infants.

A self-inflating bag delivers only room air unless supplementary oxygen is attached, but even with an oxygen inflow of 10 L/min, the concentration of delivered oxygen varies from 30% to 80% and depends on the tidal volume and peak inspiratory flow rate. To deliver a high oxygen concentration (60% to 95%), attach an oxygen reservoir to the self-inflating bag. You must maintain an oxygen flow of 10 to 15 L/min into a reservoir attached to a pediatric bag72 and a flow of at least 15 L/min into an adult bag”

To meet the requirements of these recommendations, the SMART BAG® MO pediatric bag was designed with a volume of 470 mL. This meets the guidelines recommendations for bag size while maintaining its use for all Pediatric, Infant and neonate patients.

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