Equinox Accessories and Replacement Parts

Ordering Information

01CV8028-CS Single-Use 6 Foot Circuit with Scavenger
Hose and Adapter with Mouthpiece
02RT1303 Disposable Mouth Piece (Individually Wrapped) Case/50
17MP1997 O-Two 90o (Male to Male) adjustable Oxygen (O2)
DISS elbow assy
17MP1998 O-Two 90o (Male to Male) adjustable Nitrous Oxide (N2O) DISS elbow assy Each
01EQ7006 Equinox® II Demand Valve Bleed Pin with Chain Each
17MP1528 Equinox® II Diaphragm valve assembly Each
17MP1535-CS Equinox® II Anti-entrainment ring Case/10
17MP1100-90Deg Equinox® II 90o Scavenger Adapter Each
01RE05S10-B Equinox® II Brass Pin-Indexed Yoke Regulator with
1 x 5/8” Self Sealing DISS Outlets
17MP1329 Equinox® II 7′ replacement hose Each
17MP9039 Non-rebreathing valve cap assembly Each

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eSeries e700