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The O-Two™ eAdvantage® technology is unprecedented. Its capacity for delivering the exact amount of gas necessary for the patient with neither waste nor environmental hazards cannot be found in any other analgesia device available in the market.

The demand of gas flow is regulated by the spontaneous breath of the patient, consequently, preventing gas waste. Moreover this feature dismisses the constant attention from the healthcare providers. making them free to focus on all the other needs the patient might require.

Designed for in-hospital use (ER, Labor and Delivery, Clinics etc.), the new eAdvantage® provides a variable mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen, on demand, to a conscious, spontaneously breathing patient for the relief of pain due to childbirth, trauma or other conditions where inhalation analgesia is clinically specified. It only requires the attachment to pressure regulated medical oxygen and nitrous oxide gas supplies (wall outlet or cylinders), electrical supply or battery, and the attachment of a patient circuit with mouthpiece or facemask and scavenging hose to be ready for use.


Simple controls and abundant safety features make this the ideal device for the accurate delivery of titratable analgesia during labor, trauma, or painful procedures.


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