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    Intubation_pictureThe CAREvent ® Handheld Resuscitators are lightweight, portable, extremely durable and simple to use automatic time/volume cycled devices. They are completely pneumatic (i.e. no batteries required) and once set, deliver breath by breath consistency in delivered tidal volume, frequency, inspiratory/expiratory times and flow rates. This consistent ventilation is not achievable with a standard bag-valve-mask and prevents the delivery of excessive ventilation.

    Head-HarnessThe 2005 AHA & ERC Guidelines highlighted that CPR is not performed well. From a ventilation stand point, too many breaths are delivered with too much force and in too large a volume. This excessive ventilation causes gastric inflation during BLS-CPR and when an advanced airway is used, it leads to decreased cerebral perfusion.

    Replacing bag-valve-masks with a CAREvent® Hand Held Resuscitator, takes the guesswork out of how hard and often a “bag” should be squeezed. They deliver ventilation automatically freeing rescuer's hands to focus on other patient needs rather than their own bagging performance. There are five CAREvent® Handheld models to meet the varying needs for simplicity, functionality and budgets. Two versions of each model are now available to meet either the 2005 Guideline recommendations for lower tidal volumes/frequencies or the Guidelines from 2000.

    Features available include:

    • “Demand Breathing” for the spontaneously breathing patient (CAREvent® ALS and CA).
    • Manual Ventilation Override to supplement the automatic ventilation mode (CAREvent® ALS, EMT, CA).
    • Single Slider Control with 6 settings for the simultaneous adjustment of ventilation frequency and tidal volume (CAREvent® ALS, and EMT).
    • Delayed Cycling of 20 seconds when pressing the manual button after an automatic breath to provide enough time for 30 chest compressions.
    • Auto Cycling Shut-Off and Restart for patients moving in and out of spontaneous breathing (CAREvent® ALS, CA). Note: In the child settings the inspired flow rate of the patient may be insufficient to cause the Automatic Circuit Shutoff to function.
    • Bleed Flow on the CAREvent® CA designed to reduce the risk of entraining outside air into the device in toxic environments.

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