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01CV8030-CS O-Two Medical Single-Use Electronic Transport Ventilator 6 Foot Circuit
with Protective Sleeve. For e500, e600 and e700
01CV7035 O-Two Medical “e” Series Ventilator “Smart Mount” Multi-configuration
Mounting Bracket (Ambulance Cot, Hospital Stretcher, Bed, Roll Stand)
01CV8040-CS O-Two Medical “e” Series Ventilator
Replacement Intake Filter/Cover
01TA1852 O-Two Medical “e” Series Ventilator Replacement 1 Litre
Test Lung with Compliance Restrictor
01FV4303-DISS O-Two 6 Foot (1.85 Meter) O2 Supply Hose with 9/16 DISS Nut
and 9/16” DISS Nut Ventilator Connection
01CV9100 O-Two Medical “e” Series Replacement Lithium Ion Replacement Battery Each
01CV0105 Power Supply – eSeries Each
01CV0106 Power supply cord for eSeries power supply Each
01CV0102-EU   Power supply cord for eSeries power supply Each
01CV7050 eSeries Automatic Transport Ventilator Carrying Case
– With sling-style shoulder strap (specifically designed for eSeries)
01TA7650 Leak test kit for e-vents  Each


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