eSeries Ventilators

eSeries e500


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Power Source Compressed Oxygen
Circuit Control Source Electric
Ventilation modes SIMV, CPAP, Mask CPR and Intubated CPR
Patient Size Range 15 Kg to large Adult
Ventilation Frequency/
Tidal Volume (f/ml)
12 preset Vt/BPM settings 100/20 to 650/10
Quick Start Mode Default VT/BPM 500/10
Manually triggered Ventilation Yes
I:E Ratio 1:2
PEEP (cm H2O) Adjustable 0 – 20
CPAP (cm H2O) Adjustable 4 – 20
O2 (%) (FiO2) 60 or 100 (0.6 – 1.0)
Pmax (cm H2O) 10 – 80
Pmin (cm H2O) 0 – 20
Trigger sensitivity (L/min) 3
Apnea back up time (sec.) Adjustable 10 – 60
Battery Operating time 18 hours for default settings
Built-in Battery charger Yes
A/C power adapter 100-240VAC/ 19VDC, 4.74A
Patient circuit O-Two electronic ventilator circuit
Mounting Bracket Multi-configuration bracket
Display Type 4.3″ Color TFT Screen
Live monitoring Vm, vt, Paw (AV), PAW (Peak), F, BPM, Battery level
Real time waveform Selectable Pressure or Flow
Set Display Brightness Control Yes
Parameter settings Single, Multi Function Rotary Control
Lock key function Yes
Pause function Yes
Alarms (Visual and Audible): Gas Supply Pressure, Pmax, Pmin, Low Battery, BCI, Apnea, Leak, Vm min., Vm max.
Audible silence Yes, 120 seconds
Temperature Range: Operating -18oC to +50oC, Rh: 15% to 95%
  Storage -40oC to +60oC, Rh: 15% to 95%
Dimensions (mm) 250 x 200 x 155
Weight (Kg) with/without Battery 2.4 / 1.70
Weight (Lbs) with/without Battery 5.29 / 3.9


Ordering Information

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01EVE500 e500 – Electronic Automatic Transport Ventilator c/w Disposable
Patient Circuit, Resuscitation Mask, 6 Foot Supply Hose*,
Calibrated Test Lung and Power Supply (Specify Country of Use)
01CV8030-CS O-Two Medical Single-Use Electronic Transport Ventilator
6 Foot Circuit with Protective Sleeve. For e500, e600 and e700
01CV7035 O-Two Medical “e” Series Ventilator “Smart Mount”
Multi-configuration Mounting Bracket
(Ambulance Cot, Hospital Stretcher, Bed, Roll Stand)
01CV8040-CS O-Two Medical “e” Series Ventilator Replacement
Intake Filter/Cover
01TA1852 O-Two Medical “e” Series Ventilator Replacement
1 Litre Test Lung with Compliance Restrictor
01FV4303-DISS O-Two 6 Foot (1.85 Meter) O2 Supply Hose with 9/16
DISS Nut and 9/16” DISS Nut Ventilator Connection
01CV9100 O-Two Medical “e” Series Replacement Lithium
Ion Replacement Battery
01CV0105 Power Supply – eSeries Each
01CV0106 Power supply cord for eSeries power supply Each
01CV0102-EU  Power supply cord for eSeries power supply Each
01CV7050 eSeries Automatic Transport Ventilator Carrying Case
– With sling-style shoulder strap
(specifically designed for eSeries)
01TA7650 Leak test kit for e-vents  Each



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