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Oro-Pharyngeal Airways Kit

Oro Pharyngeal Airways

Oropharyngeal devices used on unconscious patients to maintain an airway, suction fluids and depress the victim’s tongue to prevent airway blockage. Manufactured from medical-grade plastic with contoured edges. Bite locks are colour-coded for quick identification according to universally established standards.

Directions for use

  1. Choose the correct size (the correct size for a patient is determined by the distance between the corner of the mouth and the tragus).
  2. Lubricate then insert with the curvature initially facing upward and then rotate as the device is inserted halfway through so as to follow the curvature of the tongue.
  3. In enentulous patients, it may also be inserted right from the outset with its curvature along the curvature of the tongue.
  4. Once inserted, it is very important to support the jaw to maintain the patency of the airway.
Oro-Pharyngeal Airways

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