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Rescue Breather® CPR Pocket Ventilator

Be prepared for any breathing emergency… The Professional Way!

When a breathing emergency arises, you can breathe easier knowing that the O-Two Medical Technologies Rescue Breather® CPR Pocket Ventilator provides the rescuer with a safe and effective means to perform life saving expired air resuscitation while offering maximum protection from potential risks of disease transfer for both the patient and the rescuer.

The Rescue Breather® CPR Pocket Ventilator comes standard with a disposable Low-Resistance Clear One-Way-Valve with built-in 3M Filtrete® Filter, protected Oxygen inlet, adjustable Head Strap, pair of “Latex Free” Nitrile Gloves, Instructions leaflet and Clam Shell Carrying Case.

The compact size of the Rescue Breather® CPR Pocket Ventilator makes it able to fit into your pocket, purse, brief case, sports bag, back-packs, or glove compartment of a vehicle, keeping it ready for any breathing emergency.

The Rescue Breather® CPR Pocket Ventilator is an ideal companion for breathing emergencies used in conjunction with AED units, can be carried by First Responders, Police Officers, Firefighters, Paramedics, Health Care Providers, Military Personnel or anyone who is trained in CPR ensuring that you will always carry the level of protection you deserve when helping save a life.


  • Transparent “Universal” Inflated Seamless Flexible Cuffed Mask, which can be used on Adults, Children and Infants and provides excellent coverage of the patient’s face while allowing the rescuer full visualization of the patient’s skin color and to check for signs of vomitus or blood.
  • Standard 15mm fitting allows the Mask to be used with Bag-Valve-Mask Resuscitators.
  • Replaceable, Low-Resistance Clear One-Way-Valve with built-in 3M Filtrete® Filter.
  • Oxygen Inlet with protective Cap.
  • Adjustable Head Strap to secure Mask on patient’s face.
  • Pair of “Latex Free” Nitrile Gloves for extra protection.
  • Instructions Leaflet.
  • Compact “Clam Shell” White Carrying Case, carrying strap attachment, two side grips for easy opening and printed usage instructions.
  • Also available in Unprinted “Clam Shell” White Carrying Case for customized printing.
  • Latex Free construction.



Ordering Information

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01PV1500W-CS O-Two pocket ventilator printed case w/ headstrap, inlet, valve, gloves Case/12
01PV1505W-CS O-Two replacement rescue breather one-way valve w/ built-in filter Case/10

Note: This device is for emergency use only by persons trained in CPR and in the use of this device.
This device does not guarantee 100% protection against disease transmission.


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