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Rescue Breather® CPR Protective Barrier

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Be prepared for any breathing emergency… Carry your own personal protective barrier at all times and prevent direct mouth-to-mouth contact.

When precious seconds count and there is a life at risk, there is no time for hesitation. The O-Two Medical Technologies’ single use, “Latex Free” Rescue Breather® CPR Protective Barrier has been designed as a “First Response” device for use during CPR Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation, which provides a physical barrier between the rescuer and the patient.

This single use, cost effective quality device provides rescuer protection by use of a one-way flapper valve and filter to reduce the risk of cross contamination. Compact and lightweight, the Rescue Breather® CPR Protective Barrier can be easily stored in First Aid kits, purses, sports bags, back-packs, glove compartments. The Rescue Breather® CPR Protective Barrier and Instructions for use comes packaged in either a clear polyethylene Ziplock® Bag, in a Nylon Keychain Pouch or the durable Keychain / Belt loop Pouch with “Latex Free” Gloves can be carried by First Responders, Police Officers, Firefighters, Paramedics, Health Care Providers, Military Personnel or anyone who is trained in CPR ensuring that you will always carry the level of protection you deserve when helping save a life.


  • Single patient use.
  • Latex Free construction.
  • One size fits all patients.
  • Ergonomically designed mouth piece.
  • Round rescuer mouth piece to allow ventilation from any position.
  • Positive one-way isolation valve with particulate filter.
  • Semi transparent face shield provides excellent coverage of the patient’s face while allowing the rescuer full visualization of the patient’s skin color and to check for signs of vomitus or blood.
  • Small, lightweight and convenient, the Rescue Breather® CPR Protective Barrier is ready for any breathing emergency.


Ordering Information

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01RB1000 O-Two rescue breather in ziplock plastic bag Case/50
01RB2010-B O-Two rescue breather in keychain pouch black Case/50
01RB2020-R O-Two rescue breather in keychain pouch red w/ pair nitrile gloves Case/50

Note: This device is for emergency use only by persons trained in CPR and in the use of this device.
This device does not guarantee 100% protection against disease transmission.


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