Manual Ventilation – SMART BAG

SMART BAG® MO – Disposable

Disposable Bag-Valve-Mask


Improving Ventilation One Breath at a Time

The SMART BAG® MO has been designed to allow the provision of consistent ventilations while almost completely eliminating the risks associated with conventional BVM ventilation. The unique actuating mechanism hidden inside the neck bushing of the SMART BAG® MO actually responds to the rescuer and the patient.

By responding to the rescuer’s squeeze and release of the BVM, the SMART BAG® MO limits the excessive flow of gas into the patient’s airway, significantly reducing the risk of gastric insufflation by effectively lowering the airway pressure generated. In a normally compliant and resistant airway, the airway pressure is limited to below the esophageal sphincter opening pressure of 19 cm H2O.

The response by the SMART BAG® MO is proportional to the rescuers squeeze. The harder the squeeze, the greater the restriction to flow. This alerts the rescuer to ease up on the squeeze, reducing the effort required, resulting in the airway pressure being kept to the minimum to achieve adequate ventilation. At no time is the flow of gas into the patient compromised by the SMART BAG® MO, allowing the rescuer to ventilate even the stiffest lung or most restrictive airway.

To assist the rescuer a visual warning of incorrect ventilation technique of the SMART BAG® MO is provided. If the SMART BAG® MO is squeezed too hard, the SMART BAG® MO responds by closing the valve to lower the Flowrate. Should this occur, the “red pressure actuating indicator” moves to the forward position in the neck of the patient valve producing a visual warning of improper technique.

If the patients airway is less compliant or more restrictive (as in patients with COPD or asthma), higher airway pressures will be required to provide adequate ventilation. In responding to this increased pressure required in the patient’s airway, the SMART BAG® MO decreases the resistance to flow from the BVM, balancing the pressure on either side of the valve. This allows the required pressure to be exerted by the rescuer on the patient’s airway to overcome the resistance / compliancy problem and provide adequate ventilations.

The SMART BAG® MO is equipped with a Manual Override control to disable the action of the SMART Valve. Current research indicates that, for all patient conditions, the Manual Override control should NOT be used and the “SMART VALVE” should be left in the “Enabled” position. This recommendation maintains operation of the device in strict compliance with the current Guidelines for CPR and ECC as published by the American Heart Association and European Resuscitation Council.

NOTE: To ensure correct operation of the manual override, do not switch into the disabled mode while squeezing the bag.


  • Single Use.
  • Available in two models (Adult & Child).
  • Transparent Facemask allows for easy monitoring of skin color, signs of vomitus or body fluids.
  • Complete with Oxygen Reservoir System.
  • Controlled Flowrate.
  • Controlled Airway Pressure.
  • Controlled Ventilation.
  • Reduced Risk of Gastric Insufflation.

The single-use O-Two Adult and PEDI Ventilation Timing Lights not only provide timing for the initiation of the breath but also indicate the duration of the ventilation by remaining illuminated for the duration of the inspiratory time. This provides safe, slow delivery of the breath. The off phase provides adequate expiration time to avoid breath stacking. Click here for more information.


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Operating Temperature Range -18°C to 50°C (0°F to 122°F)
Storage Temperature Range -40°C to +60°C (-40°F to +140°F)
Inspiratory Resistance 3.3 cm H2O
Expiratory Resistance 2.2 cm H2O
Dead space 7.0 ml
Adult Bag Volume 1700 ml
Child Bag Volume 470 ml
Reservoir Volume 2700 ml

(All specifications are subject to a tolerance of +/- 10%.)


Ordering Information

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01BM3201-MO-CS Smart Bag® MO w/ manual override control, adult w/ cuffed mask,
oxygen reservoir & tubing
01BM3211-MO-CS Smart Bag® MO w/ manual override control, child w/ cuffed mask,
oxygen reservoir & tubing
01BM3200-MO-CS Smart Bag® MO w/ manual override control, adult w/ Universal
Resuscitation mask, oxygen reservoir & tubing
01BM3210-MO-CS Smart Bag® MO w/ manual override control, child w/ Universal
Resuscitation mask, oxygen reservoir & tubing



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