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eSeries Carrying Case

Compact, durable and ready to use.

Semi-rigid bag that organizes your automatic transport ventilator, oxygen circuit and hose, power cables and extra batteries.

Large bottom and front-opening main compartment and 2 large accessory pouches on the sides allow the lid to be fully opened for quick and easy access to connections and battery. The large central compartment has velcro opening to access the ventilator if needed. Adjustable shoulder strap plus eyelets in the back to connect the ventilator mount.


  • Lightweight
  • Spacious pockets
  • Large carry shoulder strap

Ordering Information

01CV7050 eSeries Automatic Transport Ventilator Carrying Case – With sling-style shoulder strap (specifically designed for eSeries) Each


Softpack Clamshell Carrying Case

The safe way to transport your oxygen therapy and resuscitation equipment!

The safe way to transport your oxygen therapy and resuscitation equipment. The Softpack clamshell design allows the case to be completely opened along its entire length for easy access to all your emergency equipment.

Additional storage for your accessories is easily accommodated by the large elastic top pouches along the inner wall. Large loop handles and adjustable shoulder strap allows the hands to remain free during transport.

Constructed of durable, lightweight nylon with exterior reflective tape for easy identification and visibility.


  • Lightweight padded nylon with large loop handles and shoulder strap.
  • Built-in adjustable cylinder sling that accommodates both “D” and “Jumbo D” cylinders.
  • Reflective tape for easy visibility.

Ordering Information

01CC8017 Softpack Clamshell Carrying Case with Sling Style Shoulder Strap for “D” or “Jumbo D” Cylinders Each

Emergency Responder Moulded Plastic Carrying Case

Designed for the rigors of the emergency medical market, this carrying case will handle all your resuscitation needs and more!

A rugged performer that allows full access to your oxygen therapy and resuscitation equipment. The built-in cylinder cradle, with Velcro retaining strap, will accommodate both “D” and “Jumbo D” cylinders. A moulded transport hole is provided to allow the case to remain closed during patient transport, without the fear of the oxygen tubing becoming kinked. With the moulded retaining ring for the O-Two Medical Technologies Statvac® II Oxygen Powered Aspirator, this carry case meets the needs of today’s emergency medical and rescue personnel.

Constructed of durable, lightweight blow moulded plastic, the O-Two Medical Technologies Emergency Responder Carrying Case provides your precious, lifesaving equipment with all the protection it deserves.


  • Lightweight blow moulded plastic.
  • Built-in Cylinder cradle that accommodates both “D” and “Jumbo D” cylinders.
  • Dimensions are 23″X12″X6″.
  • Transport Hole allows the lid to remain closed during transport.
  • Large carry handle.
  • International Orange for easy visualization.

Ordering Information

01CC8005 Emergency Responder Moulded
Plastic Carrying Case in International Orange for “D” or “Jumbo D” Cylinders
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