Pressure Regulators & Oxygen Administration

Pressure Regulators & Oxygen Administration Accessories

Ordering Information

01OR1002-CS Viton/Brass Bodoc Post Valve Gasket (Yoke Seal) Case/10
01OR1007 Low Profile High Pressure Contents Gauge (0 – 3,000 psi) Each
02RT5400-10 Nylon Oxygen Cylinder Wrench with PVC Strap Case/10
01OR6664-CS Oxygen Nut & Nipple Connector Case/10
01OR6253 Oxygen Transfill Adapter (CGA 540 to Pin Indexed Valve) Each
02SC4301-CS Yankauer Suction Tip & Tubing Case/20
17MP1130 25′ replacement supply hose w/ fittings Each
02RT1041 Adult Medium Concentration Mask with 7 Foot Sure Flow Tubing Case/50
17MP3051-CS Statvac® II High Impact 8 Ounce Replacement Collection Jar Case/10
17MP3052-CS Statvac® II Replacement Lid Gaskets Case/10
17MP3065-CS Statvac® II High Impact 12 ounce Replacement Collection Jar Case/10

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