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“The Problem of Inadvertent Hyperventilation” – Resolving With Technology Part III

In this article, we will review the various types of automatic ventilators but limit the discussion to those suitable for pre-hospital use (automatic transport ventilators or ATVs).

The adoption of ATVs has been slower in North America than most other markets worldwide. This seems quite odd when a lead in technology is taken in other areas to improve patient outcomes and/or assist rescuers. We look to automate defibrillation, pulse checking and recently compressions but when it comes to the most essential chain of survival link (breathing) many EMS departments tender for the cheapest “bag”. It is also not uncommon for services that have invested in automatic ventilators/resuscitators to leave the choice of their use up to the scene personnel (automatic ventilator or bag-valve-mask) despite the documented difficulties of delivering proper ventilation with a bag-valve-mask. Can you imagine giving EMS personnel the option of chest pounding versus an AED? Read more

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