Ventilation Timing Lights

Ventilation Timing Lights


Manual Ventilation Timing for CPR or Respiratory Arrest

Ventilation timing during CPR or respiratory arrest has been shown to be poorly performed, overly aggressive and potentially detrimental to patient survival.

Providing ventilations at too fast a rate, or with inspiration and expiration times that are too short, decreases venous return to the heart by stacking breaths, increasing and maintaining high intrathoracic pressures. It also risks increasing brain ischemia by decreasing carbon dioxide levels in the blood, causing peripheral cerebral vasoconstriction.

In the mask ventilated patient, high airway pressures and flows risk gastric insufflation and the subsequent aspiration of stomach contents.

The single-use O-Two Adult and PEDI Ventilation Timing Lights go one step further than other devices currently available. They not only provide timing for the initiation of the breath but also indicate the duration of the ventilation by remaining illuminated for the duration of the inspiratory time,. This provides a safe, slow delivery of the breath. The off phase provides adequate expiration time to avoid breath stacking.

Simple and easy to apply and use, the O-Two Adult and PEDI Ventilation Timing Lights are truly a flash of inspiration.

Note: Do not attempt to deliver the breath between compressions but provide the breath over the course of two to three compressions.

Instructions for Use

The O-Two Adult and PEDI Ventilation Timing Lights come with an adhesive backing with peel-off cover paper to allow the attachment of the light to manual resuscitators.

The ventilation timing light is activated by pulling the tab.


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Adult Pedi
On time: 1.5 seconds   1 second
Off time: 4.5 seconds  2 seconds
Ventilation Rate: 10 breaths per minute 20 breaths per minute
Diameter: 30 mm (approx. 1.180 in) 30 mm (approx. 1.180 in)
Weight: 3.6 g (approx. 0.007 lb) 3.6 g (approx. 0.007 lb)
Battery type: Li-MnO2 (Lithium-manganese dioxide) coin battery Li-MnO2 (Lithium-manganese dioxide) coin battery
Battery Shelf Life:  1 year  1 year
Storage Temperature: -20 to 50°C (-4 to 122°F) -20 to 50°C (-4 to 122°F)
Operating Temperature:  -5 to 40°C (23 to 104°F)  -5 to 40°C (23 to 104°F)


Ordering Information

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01BM1000-CS Adult Ventilation Timing Light,
individually packaged with Peel Back Adhesive Backing to attach to any
Bag-Valve-Mask Resuscitator
01BM1500-CS Pedi Ventilation
Timing Light is individually packaged with Peel Back Adhesive Backing to
attach to any Bag-Valve-Mask Resuscitator


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