Demand Valve Resuscitator

Manually triggered ventilation and demand breathing in one device

Designed to meet the varying requirements of emergency medical services and rescue personnel, the O-Two Demand Valve Resuscitator is the only device of its kind that comes standard with a pressure relief system and audible alarm as well a manual ventilation button conveniently located on the front of the resuscitator.

The position of the manual ventilation button assists in maintaining the patient’s airway by allowing both hands to be used to affect a secure, superior mask-to-face seal (without the need for cumbersome trigger levers or inconveniently located, top-mounted manual buttons). The manual ventilation flow rate is fixed at 40 L/min in line with the current guidelines for resuscitation.

During spontaneous respirations, the O-Two Demand valve resuscitator is designed to provide 100% oxygen to the patient with minimal inspiratory effort. The oxygen demand flow is controlled by the patient’s inspiratory effort with a minimum peak flow rate of 140 L/min to accommodate the patient’s respiratory distress situation.

The O-Two demand valve resuscitator provides a fast, simple, and effective means to ventilate the non-breathing patient and to provide 100% oxygen to patients in respiratory distress.

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