A Practical, Efficient,
Life-Saving Technology.

The O-Two CAREvent® ALS handheld automatic transport resuscitator provides trained individuals with a safe and effective means of providing artificial ventilation during respiratory and/or cardiac arrest.


These pneumatically powered, time/volume cycled resuscitators have the added feature of a manually actuated, automatic ventilation override button (manual button). The single slider control for the simultaneous adjustment of ventilation frequency and tidal volume has six, preset automatic and manual override settings for a range of patients from 20 kg body weight to large adults. An off position is provided so that they can be left attached to the gas supply with the supply turned on ready for immediate use. No electrical supply or batteries are required to operate the devices.


During mask-ventilated CPR, the first breath is delivered automatically followed by a manually actuated breath. This inhibits the automatic cycling for 20 seconds, allowing the rescuer to provide the 30 chest compressions recommended by the current guidelines for resuscitation. If the manual button is not depressed again the automatic cycling will re-start at the selected rate and volume.


Each resuscitator comes equipped with a gurney clip that allows the resuscitator to be attached to the handrail of the hospital gurney or ambulance stretcher.


The patient is protected from barotrauma due to over inflation by the audible, pressure relief system. This warns the operator of airway obstruction or airway restrictions. The excess delivered volume is discharged to atmosphere.


The O-Two CAREvent® ALS handheld automatic transport resuscitator has the added advantage of synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation (SIMV). This allows spontaneously breathing patients to demand breathe through the resuscitator on 100% oxygen, at their own desired rate and volume. Their inspiratory efforts will stop automatic cycling. Should the patient stop breathing, or their volume fall below the preset threshold the resuscitator will restart automatically at the selected rate and volume.


Handheld, lightweight, portable, simple to use and extremely durable, the O-Two CAREvent® ALS handheld automatic transport resuscitators are specifically designed for the demands of the emergency resuscitation and rescue environment.

Accessories available for the O-Two CAREvent® ALS handheld automatic transport resuscitator include standard and deluxe transport ventilator circuits with positive-end expiratory pressure (PEEP) ports.

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