CPR Pocket Ventilator

Bacterial and viral protection during training and CPR

The O-Two Rescue Breather CPR pocket ventilator provides the rescuer with a safe and effective means to perform life-saving expired air resuscitation while offering maximum protection from the potential risks of disease transfer for both the patient and the rescuer.

The O-Two Rescue Breather CPR pocket ventilator comes standard with a low-resistance disposable one-way valve, with bacterial/viral filter, oxygen inlet, head-strap, and carrying case. The filter ensures optimum bacterial protection, yet minimum airway resistance. The seamless air cushion mask eliminates seam failures and air loss during storage.

The compact size of the O-Two Rescue Breather CPR pocket ventilator allows it to fit into your car’s pocket, purse, briefcase, sports bag, or glove compartment — ready for any breathing emergency.

  • Transparent universal cushion
  • Mask for adults to infants
  • Replaceable, clear, one-way valve with bacterial/viral filter
  • One-Way Valve With Filter
  • Large Faceshield Gives Excellent Coverage Yet
  • Oxygen inlet with protective cap
  • Head-strap
  • Compact, clamshell case with hold tabs

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