Rescue Breather CPR

Bacterial and viral protection during CPR Training

The single-use O-Two Rescue Breather CPR protective barrier is ready when needed. Designed as a first-response device for use during CPR, the O-Two Rescue Breather provides a physical barrier between the rescuer and the patient. This single-use, cost-effective quality device provides rescuer protection by using a one-way flapper valve and filter to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Compact and lightweight, the O-Two Rescue Breather can be easily stored in first aid kits, purses, sports bags, glove compartments, and keychains. Packaged complete with instructions in a clear polyethylene Ziploc® bag.

  • One Size Fits All Patients
  • Ergonomic Patient Mouthpiece
  • Round Rescuer Mouthpiece
  • One-Way Valve With Filter
  • Large Faceshield Gives Excellent Coverage Yet
  • Allows The Rescuer To See The Patient’s Face

Specification Sheet

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User Manual

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