Resuscitation & Anesthesia Facemasks

Superior Mask-To-Face seal with or without inflated air cuffs.

With a wide choice in style, material and size, O-Two provides a comprehensive range of resuscitation and anesthesia facemasks to meet any respiratory requirement. From the truly “one-size-fits-all” Universal Facemask (available in both PVC and silicone) to the disposable, inflated-cuff range for neonates to adults, the high quality and superior design of these masks makes them the perfect choice for both hospital and pre-hospital use.


The silicone range flanged design of the O-Two Everseal Edge range. These are ideal anesthesia masks as they withstand repeated autoclaving. The three sizes of clear PVC Everseal masks are ideal for pre-hospital use where disinfection after use is normally undertaken by cold chemical sterilant such as an activated glutaraldehyde or a 10% bleach solution.

Where a single-use mask is required, the disposable, inflated cuff range, meets the user’s needs. These masks come with clear plastic bodies to allow full visualization of the patient’s nose and mouth and soft sealing cushions The inflation pressure of the cuff is calculated to provide a superior seal when gentle hand pressure is applied to the mask. Our single-use cuffed masks are provided with a head harness hook ring.


All masks have standard 22 mm inlet connectors and come conveniently packaged in cases of 12.

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